AS for Newbies?

  1. AS for Newbies?

    I see a lot of posts on here from women (and men), some very young at that, who are inquiring about dosage for various anabolics and strong fat burners/metabolic helpers (i.e. clen/t3). Being that many of these individuals are inquiring about diet and training basics, I'm led to believe that these are people who have not exhausted all options before starting AS. Maybe it's just me, but I feel that these substances should be used by individuals who have been consistently training and dieting correctly for a number a years, and have hit a plateau in their progress- those who have gotten as big/lean as naturally possible. I understand that it can be tempting top pop a pill or inject yourself with something that may contribute to quick gains and/or fat loss, but I also feel that one should strive to reach their genetic potential naturally first, and utilize various "helpers" to break through to the next level of aethetic perfection (in women especially, whose hormonal systems are particularly sensitive to any unnatural shifts, AS should be a carefully administered, last resort) Am I the only one who feels this way?

  2. no you are not alone with your thoughts but are a minority. The majority of people on this planet (U.S. mainly) just want a quick fix. They dont not have the time to goto the gymo 4-5x a wk, cook healthy meals, etc.

    They want results and want them ASAP. I am a ACE personal trainer (well i was) and all of my clients just wanted to take inches off their waist while still eating bullsh1t and drinking wine 3-4x a wk. None of them took the time out of their day to do things right.

    I bet if i had asked any of my clients (80% women) to take clen/T3 stack or another fat burning stack that was illegal 90% of them would of jumped on it if it would cut the time they needed to workout in half. The majority of people dont want to workout but they want to look as if they do.

    Bottom line, people just want to look good. they dont give a rats a$$ about being healthy.

  3. Great thread. People need to understand what it takes to get results naturally or they are going to be disappointed with whatever they take.

    Train for a few years naturally, gain maturity, do some research. If your like me, eventually you'll take a step back and think hey I'm doing this for my HEALTH why would I want to take something counterproductive... I look and feel great already.

  4. It's not just you. Some like to use juice as a crutch because they have training issues while off and a sketchy diet.

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