slimming tips

  1. slimming tips

    Here are some tips for slimming...
    1 Top up your water
    2 Have a cup of slimming tea
    3 Step away from the junk food
    4 if youíre having a big meal, have it early
    5 Exercise early
    6 Try to include cheating in your diet
    7 Donít strength train exclusively
    always be loyal

  2. I love the "try to include cheating in your diet", I let myself have one cheat meal a week and it helps so much! I know if I was to go cold turkey and deprive myself I would soon slip up and go overboard. This way I know I have the one cheat and wait till then when I am craving something. I also know when this cheat day is coming and workout harder the day of.
    Just curious what is slimming tea? I think I need to try some of this out!

  3. The cheat meal is a good idea. Ur body needs a certain amount of fats plus it shocks your metabolism.
  4. hi

    I read all the tips and come to the point that if want to make us slim then it is not very difficult.Just leave junk food and sweet dishes drink more water and daily walking .Use these simple steps and I am sure It works.

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