How to Get Flat Abs for Girls

  1. How to Get Flat Abs for Girls

    How to Get Flat Abs for Girls

    This post will be about how to get abs for girls. The approach I recommend is different from the conventional way of getting abs . Most of the conventional advice on building better abs is for men who want ‘deep’ abs. Most girls don’t want this, they want a sexy and flat stomach showing some ab definition, nothing extreme. If this what you’re after as well, read on.

    I will talk about losing fat and increasing ab definition. Another thing I will talk about is how to avoid getting the ‘bloated look’ from doing too much ab work. Did you know that doing too many ab exercises can potentially lead to a ‘bloated look’? Working out the abs for girls incorrectly can cause the layers of abdominal muscle to grow thicker. From the outside of the shirt, it will make you look ‘bloated’ or give the look of having a bigger stomach. You actually don’t have to do a lot of work to build ab muscles. But in order to be able to see your abs for girls, it is absolutely crucial that you have a low body fat percentage. In the next two parts, I will talk about exercises to build abs for girls without increasing the thickness of the muscles and also effective ways to burn fat.

    Exercises to Get Abs For Girls

    The Plank
    One thing I love about planks is that it helps you ‘even out’ your abs. If your upper abs are better developed, it will help you even it out and develop your lower abs. The same applies vice versa.

    Hanging Leg Raises This is one of the best exercises to get abs for girls because it creates the greatest range of motion. For the best muscle development, a full range of motion is required. Sit ups and crunches are limited in range of motion compared to this exercise. Leg raises are also better for your back.

    Incline Walking
    A few months ago, if someone told me that walking can help you get abs for girls, I would’ve thought that they were crazy! However, I’ve discovered that incline walking done correctly at the right time can effectively help you get abs for girls and burn fat. On a treadmill, set the incline to a 10-12 degree angle and set the speed to a brisk walk. Just slightly faster than your usual walk. The trick is to keep your back straight and tilt your hips forwards when walking. You should be perpendicular to the incline angle. Incline walking can also help you get more weight loss results from cardio. Do 15 minutes of incline walking after an intense cardio session. Treat it like an extended cool down. Incline walking on its own is very limited in helping you lose weight.

  2. Great post, I'm going to look into these and try them with my wife.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by WhatsaRoid? View Post
    Great post, I'm going to look into these and try them with my wife.
    Trust me the PLANKS are really effective

  4. This is nice. Hanging leg raises, this is my favorite abs exercise. Really effective.

  5. Big fan of hanging legs and planks
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