NGA Offers the Bikini Model Pro Qualifier Class

  1. NGA Offers the Bikini Model Pro Qualifier Class

    The National Gym Association (NGA) has established a Bikini Model Division that leads to an NGA Bikini Model Pro Card.

    The 2011 NGA Alabama Natural Open Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Model Championships, a Super Pro Qualifier, will be held in Birmingham, Alabama on July 9th and will include the new Bikini Model Pro Qualifier Class.

    The Bikini Model Class will include a Short and Tall element and in this show, the first two places in the Bikini Model Short and Bikini Model Tall classes will be awarded NGA Bikini Model Pro Cards. Four NGA Bikini Model Pro Cards will be awarded at the 2011 NGA Alabama Natural Open.

    The first opportunity to validate your new Bikini Model Pro Card will be at the 2011 NGA Pro Am World Cup Championships in Duluth, GA on September 24.

    The Bikini Model Class will have two judgings: Prejudging in a Bikini and clear high heels and the Final in sports attire, sport top, shorts, sneakers and socks.

    The new NGA Bikini Model Guidelines are included below:

    JULY 9, 2011

    Bikini Model Division Description:

    The NGA recognizes that fitness takes on many levels. The purpose of this division is to allow athletes who are physically fit, hold a strong image for stage and camera, compete in a fair and drug free arena. We are looking for fit, toned, proportionate builds, with feminine shape and conditioning that is universal in appeal.

    Women of all ages who are interested in stage experience or a personal best.

    Persons interested in pursuing a modeling career in the fitness and health industries.

    Athletes who feel they are marketable on stage and in print, and in a variety of mediums.

    Competitive Components:
    Ladies will be judged in two rounds, Swimwear and Sportswear. In both rounds, the overall appearance and presentation will be viewed with the following criterion:

    The overall image of the athlete is a toned, sculpted physique that bears firmness, non-evident body fat and a fitness style. This translates to an overall body quality with mild definition and not muscular separation. You’ll want to give the impression that you work out, did more than just diet to get here and can maintain this impression long after the curtain closes.

    Throughout the competition, Judges will take into account the following:

    Balance and symmetry: Upper torso is as developed as lower, side to side and back to front. Muscle groups are complete and in proportion. Not overly developed or defined.

    Tone and Condition: Athleticism in its truest form is seen as a tight, toned and honed physique. We ask that you bring a totally fit look to the stage. This includes complexion, face, hair, smile, and beauty.

    Poise and presentation: How you carry yourself, posture, gait, balance, graceful movement, positioning and stature, finesse. . .

    Style and stage presence: Your own self expression, appeal, how you project yourself, image, camera savvy, stance, posing in creative and attractive ways. Your overall look is important and should include a sense of vibrancy, charisma, confidence, sex appeal, a positive and fun attitude, personality and individual style.


    Round One: Daytime Quarter turns and stage walk 60%

    Attire: Athletes chose a Bikini or Swim wear outfit that enhances their physique. Pay attention to style, fit, colors, a flattering suit that may be decorated and made to order for the ladies. Clear high heels.

    Part one: Comparisons
    The class is brought out and quarter turns are called. Present a confident stance, but not overly flexed. Arms and leg positions are at your discretion. Facings are from all four sides. Relaxed poses that show off your overall tone and condition are required. Officials may move you around for comparisons.

    Part Two: Stage walk
    All ladies stay in line at stage back. You will be called forward individually. Start at stage center. Pose, turn to rear, and pose, face front. Stroll to stage right, pose. Stroll to stage left and pose. Return to center for a final pose and return to the line up. These bikini poses are open to your style. We encourage taste and flare.

    Round Two: Evening Individual Routine 40%

    Attire: Sportswear ~Sports top and shorts, sox and sneakers.

    Once again the class is brought out for overall impression. Each participant is then allowed: 60 seconds for free style stage presentation. It is customary to follow a stage T walk outline. Your theme is up to you and needs to be tasteful. Remember, we are looking at your physique, so allow the clothes to enhance it. Judges will review how you work the stage, angles of poses; presentation, your personality and your overall appearance. This is your time to shine, show your spirit and have fun!

    Music: Bring your own pre-cut CD, studio quality. An athlete who does not provide music will perform to house music.

    Classes for the Bikini Model Division are the discretion of the Promoter.

    Please visit the show site: to download your entry form. Deadline for sending in your entry is July 1, 2011

    Scott "Old Navy" Hults
    John Rossman
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