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I'm new here and was just reading some bits on the forum. I saw this thread and just had to add something! I used to be the type of woman that did a 100 hours of cardio a day and lifted 1.5kg weights doing 100 reps a time. It kept me skinny, but skinny fat. I never ate too much as was always worried about putting on weight. All I can say is I cringe when I look back at it.

I was unhappy with my progress so I started to educate myself a bit. I started on Jason Furruggia's strength training program. It was hard, very hard to start with as I was so very weak. I went to the gym and felt intimidated by the guys glaring at me taking up 'their' space in the gym. There wasn't one other woman that entered that area, except me. BUT I went to that space every other day and increased my reps or weight every single training session. I advanced, slowly ofc, its hard to go from nothing to where I am right now. I currently am doing 110kg legs presses, 60kg Squats and Deadlifts, I do many of my free weight training with 10/12.5 and 15kg weights. Yes it ain't mega weights, but its progression and my strength is getting there, along with my confidence. Now instead of getting looks of annoyance off the men in the gym, I get nods of acceptance. I also got many negative comments from females, thinking that I would change instantly into some bodybuilding she hulk. Makes me laugh at peoples misconceptions. Yes I lift weights, yes I am getting strong, but I also still look and feel very much like a woman! So I say to any woman concerned about lifting weights, don't be, it really is great and unless you want to turn into a professional bodybuilder, you ain't ever gonna come close!

What a great post! Im also doing strength based training at the moment and really enjoying it, would be interested to see what kinda program youre on, as deadlifts and squats are a part of my routine too. Do you use any supplements/pre workouts?
Great to see another girl building up strength