Women, Weights and Bodybuilding Oh My

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  1. This post is what I like to see...women who are not afraid to chip their nails lifting heavy! I have been lifting consistently since Jan 1, 2012 and I have doubled what I could lift when I started. I love it! I have not lost much "weight" but have dropped significant inches and I am so pleased with that!! I follow a program that was designed by a man for the guys and it has helped me tremendously!

  2. Awesome post!!! I like to go up to women that are lifting the pink dumbbells and ask them do you have children?? they proudly say yes!!! (perfect, right into my trap!) Really, humm how old are they? oh 3, or 4,or 5..... blah blah... Then I say, So they are about 20 or more pounds and your lifting/carrying them all day long but then you come in here and work out with two-five pounds. If you can lift/carry them and you haven't got bulky why would you waste your free time? I don't know but something to think about don't you think. ( of course I say it in a pleasant way) It breaks the door and before you know it they are getting serious about their training.

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    Damn straight, my girls train exactly the way I do for the most part. I may make a few changes based on development...

    They have done HST, DC, Freak and few more modes of torture that I have devised. They have made tremendous progress and I'm pretty damn proud of them. There is still some issues and it has more to do with commitment ie. how far they want to take this but the foundation has been laid.

  4. Today women are interesting to make their body with fitness and healthy. But they don't know that how to practice them.

  5. I feel all of you're pain. My beautiful girlfriend (who's father was a RB in college football) has these MASSIVELY powerful legs, and she won't squat (or do any weight training for that matter) because she doesnt want her legs to get "bigger".

  6. Quote Originally Posted by DreamWeaver View Post
    Big strong boys need strong women, we don't want anything that breaks when thing get ... out of control if you catch my drift...
    Tehehe amen girl!


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