Nice. Really intersesting forum area.

  1. Nice. Really intersesting forum area.

    Hey everyone, I'm new, I been lurkin around a bit, thought I'd start makin some posts when I saw fit. Lol

    I been looking in this females section a bunch lately, very interesting. I am male, but my GF ain't! hahaha. She's recently been getting more and more into working out and nutrition and stuff, so this type of area could be great to get some ?'s answered.

    For example, when I research from the most basic supplements to the more let's say 'advanced', everywhere I look there seems to be a huge lack of real information regarding how these things can interfere with oral birth control. (A big concern of hers, and mine! lol)

    Seems a lot of even the herbal/natural stuff these days can influence hormonal levels which to me would make me think they could throw off the effectiveness of bc... But there's hardly anything online about it. I assume a lot of girls use supplements and are sexually active and don't want to get prego. So, where do they turn? we all know good Dr.'s do their best, but not that many really know about these supplements. A lot just don't respect them, so they don't bother research them.

    Anyway, that's all I'll ramble for now. Hope all's well with everyone though.


  2. unless she's planning on taking a hormone, she should be fine. My wife is on the pill and takes a large variety of supps - no kids yet here.
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  3. I highly suggest getting her off the oral birth control, infact for that matter, any hormonal birth control, and onto an non hormonal iud.

    You and she will be hating life when her hormones are all messed up and and she wants it less and less...

    Maybe my girl BMCLouzee will chime in on this subject more later.

  4. BMCLouzee
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    I experimented with different types of birth control before getting on a non-hormonal IUD. I was on OrthoTriCyclen Lo and another oral contraceptive which helped significantly to reduce cramps and lighten my periods, but it was annoying having to take it daily. I was on the shot (every three months) for a while and that really messed up my sexual drive and eating habits. Then I got on the IUD. It was the best decision for me because I don't want kids for a while and it was hormone-free. The insertion hurt really bad, but the IUD is good for 10 years and as long as you check that it's still there you're fine. I don't believe in excessive amounts and types of supplements. I keep mine pretty simple: A multivitamin and ZMA. And the following just to finish up: Evening Primrose, B-Complex, and Gingko. I've taken the above during my oral/shot days and I was fine.

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