Wife with a BAD back - advice...?

  1. Wife with a BAD back - advice...?

    First, thanks for taking the time to look at this and hopefully lend a hand.

    I have been lifting for about a year and a half now so am NO expert on the subject. I have changed my body a great deal and my wife is wants to join me. She was in a car accident some years ago and her back will never be "right". She is petrified of potentialy agrivating it and I am not eager to go through that either...

    What can she / should she do to add the lean muscle she wants to put on to help her progress in her quest to change her body and shed some of the unwanted weight?

    She already has a good diet with types of food (though she needs to eat a bit more) and hits the elip. at least 5 times a week. She is finally caving into my suggestion that lifting will help get her what she wants.


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    What sort of a back injury is it? I don't have any experience with that myself, but my boyfriend had back surgery not too long ago, perhaps he can provide some input. I can understand your fears though. I was deathly afraid when he started going back to the gym. There are weightlifting exercises that he avoids/modifies to fit his needs. Congratulations on your wife wanting to partake in this journey despite her back problem. I know it can be hard to overcome something like that. Let us know more info and we'll do our best to help.

  3. Thanks... She was in a van that was struck from the side while she was sitting in an odd way a few years ago. She descibed it as a twisted pelvic bone and nower back alignement that will "never be right" according to the good docs.

    Impact kills her.. No running (even on a tread mill)... Picking anything heavy up (she does it totally wrong) messes with her as well.

    I am not sure what more I can offer. I know a stronger back will help with alignement but getting to that point will be a long carefull journey and I do not know where to start.

    Thanks again for anyone that might help.

  4. Have her look into foam rolling as a form of therapeutic rehabilitation, my physical therapist had me on that as part of my regimen after an auto accident, now i do it all the time, makes my muscle pain more bearable.

    the most important thing is she needs to speak to a phyiscal therapist or maybe a sports doctor. Do not listen to anyone on the boards about this , its very crucial for your wifes health that she gets the best possible information and instruction.

  5. The best you can do is to locate the best sports med doc and go with her. I went through this with my wife and it was a slow process, the elip is still her best friend.

  6. It really depends on how recent the injury is and what type of injury it is. Mainly with back injuries people tend to baby that injury(which for a while is okay) but it's important to strengthen the back muscles gradually.I hope I helped you two out.Take care.

  7. My wife had a similar issue (has, I suppose is a better word). Even though she's an OT and works with PT's, and you'd think that all that therapy knowledge would help her, what really helped her was finding a trainer who really knew his information, competed as a high level tri-athlete, is a certified massage therapist, and has worked with high level athletes who have come back from worse situations. She couldn't run 1 telephone pole length without her leg buzzing and sharp shooting pains and was like that for over 2 years. 8 weeks later training with someone who knows his stuff got her running 30 min with mild discomfort. It's night and day. I highly suggest you do a tremendous amount of research finding someone who has competed at a high level, and worked with high level athletes. Why high level? Because these people know what it is to do whatever it takes to succeed. Good luck and stay positive.

  8. It is advisable to consult a sports doctor before starting any gym regimen; however practicing yoga can make your body flexible. Consult a yoga specialist and follow the steps to make your body flexible enough and then start your body building routine.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by deadaim View Post
    the most important thing is she needs to speak to a phyiscal therapist or maybe a sports doctor. Do not listen to anyone on the boards about this , its very crucial for your wifes health that she gets the best possible information and instruction.
    I second this advice. After going through screening, your PT or ortho can advice (a compentent) personal trainer or fitness professional regarding contraindicated movements, what muscles specifically need strengthening, which muscles need stretching, etc.

    Unfortunately, there are so many INcompetent personal trainers with a strong sales pitch and smooth talking that getting a PT to communicate with a trainer is often a difficult task lately.


  10. Initially, have her use the machines. There is no picking up from the ground, and no unsupported movements. Have her build up her confidence and conditioning this way.


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