BMCLouzee's Favorite Hair Removal Techniques with PICS AND TIPS!!!

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    BMCLouzee's Favorite Hair Removal Techniques with PICS AND TIPS!!!

    This is dedicated to all the women AND GENTLEmen of this forum.

    I'm not a professional cosmetologist, but I've always been intrigued by beauty treatments and preparations. In fact, I had a personal blog dedicated to all things beauty. When I was introduced to the culture and sport of bodybuilding, I was pleased to find that men were just as meticulous with grooming as women. Nails trimmed, haircuts neat, and body hair REMOVED. I have found threads stating that hair removal on men is homosexual, but in this world were the body IS your biggest commodity, nothing should interfere with displaying that...even body hair. There are several methods that I like to use when grooming myself and my boyfriend. Yes, I said several, because not all hair is created equal. Now I want to share with you some techniques that I use along with advice to make the process easier.


    - Cheap
    - Fast

    - Doesn't take the hair out from the root. More shaving to keep smooth
    - Nicks if you're not careful
    - Razor bumps

    * Shaving is the most cost effective method, in my opinion. There are several options in razors, shaving creams, aftershave, etc. but the only real problem here is that it doesn't take the hair out from the root. So MORE SHAVING! It's not all bad though. Shaving is perfect for the face and areas of the body where hair is sparse and minimal. I also like to use shaving after waxing in case something is left. There are no great and magnificent razors to choose from. They all eventually wear out. However, triple/quadruple blades seem to deliver the closest shave for me. Shaving creams should always be used in the process. It helps the blade glide against your skin and if you pick the right one, may even deliver a bit of moisture when you're done. I've used several shaving creams, the ones that bubble, the ones that look like gels, the ones that expand to a huge mess, but what I came to really like are creams. I'm currently using EOS shaving cream in Vanilla. It doesn't lather, which I like because then I can see if I've missed a spot, and it doesn't dry out my skin. If you're particularly hairy, quickly buzz what you can with a pair of clippers, I like to use my Wahl Peanut, and take a hot shower. This is one of the best advice I can give you guys. Whether it be a warm towel compress to the face or a steaming hot shower or bath, warm water will soften the top layer of your skin and open up the pores which makes for closer shaving. If you get a nick, use some Styptic powder to stop the bleeding or some tissue paper. If you're prone to razor bumps, gently swab with an anti-bump lotion such as ORS Tea Tree anti-bump lotion or Gigi anti-bump, or swab with ordinary witch hazel. There is an ongoing debate on which direction you're supposed to shave: with the grain or against it. If you shave against the grain you get a closer shave. But this close shave is also prone to razor bumps and nicks. Shaving with the grain simply eliminates that. It's all up to you. I've done the whole "shave from all directions" technique and I rarely get razor bumps from doing so. Another advice I should give is TAKE YOUR TIME. I know, I know, we have lives, but you really shouldn't speed shave your way out the door. This can cause serious mishaps, not to mention if you're passing more than twice in the same area you're risking some serious inflammations. As for post-shaving, I personally like to use some good ole baby oil for protection. There are nice aftershave products available in the market, but in all honesty, it's best to let the skin rest for a day after shaving before applying any topical creams.


    - Covers a huge area of the body
    - Fast (about 7-10 minutes to process)
    - No nicks or razor bumps

    - Smelly. New formulations have come out that aren't as offensive smelling, but if you're sensitive to chemical smelling products then you might not like this
    - Costly. Depending on the level of hairy-ness, this can either be really cheap or really expensive for you.
    - Not the most effective on coarse hair. May not dissolve all hair.
    - Doesn't get to the root like shaving
    - Messy, if you think it is.

    * I personally love depilatories. Most women really have a problem with it though. If you have super sensitive skin this isn't for you. What I like about depilatories is the ease of application and removal. You basically slather on a thick layer, let it sit for 7-10 minutes, and gently slough off with a warm wash cloth or a buffer. On top of that, if you get the right kind it can leave you skin incredibly soft to the touch. I like to take a hot shower prior to doing a depilatory for the same reason I do it prior to shaving. Again, this process doesn't pluck the hair out from the root, but you won't have an issue with razor bumps, burns, and nicks. Depilatories aren't as effective on coarse hair, but each company produces a different grade and I can be completely wrong. I've used Nair, Gigi, and Avon, but Avon seems to be the best bang for your buck. It works well on me, but I've yet to try it on my boyfriend that has really thick, coarse hair. More updates when I try it out.


    - Targets hair from the root
    - One time purchase that will last for a while

    - HURTS!
    - Doesn't cover large areas very well
    - Doesn't always get it the first time

    * It's an electrical device with rotating metal plates that grasp together to remove hair. It hurts. It tortures. It works. If you can take the pain of plucking EACH individual hair, one at a time, then you can probably endure this. It's battery operated, works great on coarse hair (I use it on my armpits, shocking, I know, I have armpit hair) and with proper care, can last you a lifetime. Because it plucks the hair from the roots, hair won't grow back as fast. This device comes in many sizes, I chose the smaller of the two they had at Sally Beauty Supply. It's reasonably priced, I think I paid $20 for it and there's little to no way you can screw it up. You simply run it through your skin till all the hair is gone. And trust me, you won't get all of them on the first run. They have numbing creams available at Sally and other beauty stores, but I've tried them and they don't work. I suggest to, again, take a hot shower to open the pore.


    - One of the most effective hair removal methods
    - Get the hair from the root
    - Hair free for longer!

    - Hurts like a mother!
    - Expensive
    - Best if you have someone to help you
    - Takes too long

    * I recommend waxing over any other method simply because the results are longer lasting. The obvious downside is that it hurts, it's costly, it's time consuming, and you might need help doing it. Otherwise, the process itself is easy! A good kit should include: the warming unit, the wax (honey,cream, etc.), applicator sticks in varying sizes, muslin strips or cloth strips, and a post wax treatment. Prep the area with a solution to remove any grease or oil then spread a thin layer of wax in the direction of hair growth and carefully place your muslin/cloth strip over the tacky wax. Run your hand back and forth till the cloth is securely in contact with the strip and in a quick, swift movement pull the cloth in the opposite direction of the hair growth. If you don't get all of them at once, take a small piece of muslin and see if you can pluck the remaining hairs. Otherwise, wait the next day and shave. You should really be able to remove all hair, fine or coarse, in one pass. This is the beauty of waxing. I like to follow up with a wax remover because you will get some sticky wax residue on you regardless of how neat your application was. It's basically an oil based remover and I've tried using Safflower and Baby oil and it works just fine. Expect to be a little red after waxing. Slow grow is what I also use after waxing as it helps with any redness and bumps I might get. I waxed my boyfriend years ago and he was very tolerant of the pain, but really doesn't want to do it again. For areas like the back, butt, and behind the legs, it helps to have someone help you. Otherwise you'll get wax all over the place. I try and put a tarp over the area I'm doing this at. If you don't let the wax harden on your stick before applying it you'll for one, spill it, and two, burn yourself. Waxing is not for beginners and I suggest one of the microwave kits by Gigi (which you can get at Sally) if you can to try it out. Done right, expect to be smooth for several weeks.

    Touch N Brow

    - Great for final touches and upkeep
    - Cheap

    - Don't cut yourself
    - Not ideal for large areas

    * I thought I should put this on here because it's one of my best weapons against stubborn hair. Think of a raw razor with safety teeth on them. This is great for shaping a beard, trim between haircuts (back of the neck, get your gal to help you), removing stray hairs after depilatories and waxing, bikini area, etc. It's a versatile product that can easily fit in your purse, gym bag, travel bag, etc. and it comes in varying shapes and sizes. I chose this one because it covers more surface area, but Sally carries one that resembles a small disposable razor blade. You don't need to mess with shaving cream and water which makes it very handy. All you do it run the blade on an angle and with short, smooth movements, "scrape off" the hair. Think old school barber with his straight razor.

    Hope this helps!

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    Other hair removal techniques coming up...

  3. I am using the Tria Laser hair removal system. It is very effective if you can stand the pain of the highest strength setting. In 5-8 treatments the hair in the treated area will be about 80% gone. It is recommended for fairer skinned people with blonde-brown body hair.

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