Breast implants and bodybuilders

  1. Breast implants and bodybuilders

    So my girlfriend is thinking about getting a set. But she has read that girls that lift weights, especially chest workouts, run the chance of the implants moving because of the pressure thats put on them. I guess this would only be an issue if they are placed under the muscle, which is what they recommend. Anyone have experience or knowledge about this? She does not want to have to get them redone 10yrs down the road.

  2. There was an interview that Jamie Eason did talking about her breast implants...I can't find it to save my life right now though.
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  3. Many women who bodybuild are worried about the impact of lifting on the implant if it's under the muscle. Will it move? Will it deflate or pop? Obviously these things can happen, but it is not typical. In general, I recommend placement of implants under the pectoralis muscle, since the appearance of the implant is better, especially in patients with very low body fat. In those patients, the implants tend to be very obvious when placed over the muscle, including features such as rippling. By placing the implant under the muscle, there is more tissue between the implant and the outside world, thus making the implant less obvious.

    Do not Credit me I simply copy and pasted this for you from it is an article written by Dr. Rick Silverman. Here is the link

    Hope this helped. And good luck to your girl

  4. Quote Originally Posted by SilentBob187 View Post
    There was an interview that Jamie Eason did talking about her breast implants...I can't find it to save my life right now though.
    subbed for info about jamie's breasts

  5. thanks guys I'll check out those articles.

  6. My wife has had implants for over 20 years and she lifts weights, jogs, bikes, plays softball, etc. She has not had any problems with them. I beleive the most important issue when considering implants is to go to a reputable clinic and get the most experienced Dr. available.

  7. BBB I've heard that too. I think she is sold on going to the best doc around. I'm starting to think she is worried about nothing.


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