Period question

  1. Period question

    My wife has been going to the gym with me for just over a year now, and I finally got her to start weight training and tonight she had a question that I was unable to answer. Question was why does she start bleeding, (period) after lifting, Mondays are her heaviest lifting day, Mondays she starts with 1 mile warm up on eliptical, then on to chest, bench on smith, military press, dumpbells flat bench, flys, then on to tricepts and ab work between sets. Have her doing 4 stations of tricepts with 4 sets and 12 reps, and same with abs. Any help or suggestions would be great.

  2. Thats a lot of volume for your women man....

  3. Our family Doctor and his wife both train at the gym we go too, he was the one who suggested that she follow my work out, she is not doing heavy weights I think her max bench on a pryamid is around 70# on the smith and db is 20#. any other help or suggestions would help.

  4. Why not asl your doctor? I agree that is a bit much for a guy let lone a woman.
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    Whoa. That's never happened to me before. Are her periods regular to begin with? Like consistently coming at almost the same time every month. If it isn't then she should really go to a doctor about that. Maxing out equipment and straining yourself shouldn't cause any bleeding. In fact, I think after prolonged strain and such (Like in GI Jane) you lose your period. Did she recently switch to a different birth control (if she's taking any)? I just got on an IUD and I knew I would be bleeding irregularly so it didn't surprise me when it happened. Ask these questions and let's see.

  6. My period didn't change at all when I started personal training. It actually became more regular, less heavy, and less painful. Maybe it's a bit too much for her? Or like the previous post mentioned, consult a doctor about it.


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