Antigravity: Origins- An Explorative Blog.

  1. Antigravity: Origins- An Explorative Blog.

    Goal of this Blog thread is to illuminate women out of the dark ages of supplementation into their Renaissance.
    Science + experimentation yielding anecdotal evidence on peptide usage among women as an alternative to AAS.
    NOTE: Some of the information here is from past experiments. This is a collection of information taken over 3 years time.
    -Researched information has been referenced, in addition certain pioneers of research in this field have been used as a knowledge bank.
    -If you ask about sources- I you will get banned.

    Present Day Statistics:
    Subject: early-30-something female.
    History with hormonal products: yes.
    History with non-hormonal products: yes.
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 140
    BF: 13%
    Bodytype: Mesomorph
    Diet: Disclaimer: Diet is a unique combination of nutrients- and is different for everyone's body type. Considering the body type / diet tracking the following diet has been successfully implemented yielding muscle mass, body fat attenuation and desirable recomposition effects. This subjects diet includes a high protein low - moderate carb/fat at the caloric quantity needed for her basal metabolic rate, spread out during the day using an intermittent fasting feeding model. Caloric intake will not be disclosed as it is irrelevant due to each woman's specific dietary needs.

    Anaerobic Training (1 rep Max):
    Bench Press Max: 170lbs.
    Bent Over Rows Max: 50 lbs. (each arm)
    Hang Clean into a Push-Press Max: 100 lbs.
    Bicep Curl Max: 35lbs.
    Cardiovascular Training: long distance cycling. (5 days a week)

    Accounts of Virilization/Masculinization: None! I wouldnt be a super hero otherwise.

    Staple Supplementation:
    Fish Oil
    T3 (prescription)
    Indole 3 Carbinol + Calcium D Glucarate
    A preWO energy drink with added Glutamine/BCAA/ALCAR
    Green Tea Extract
    Caffeine- a lot of it. (years on that-

    Methodology of administration has always been low and slow. A conservative dosage has always been more beneficial for women in the gains:sides ratio.

    A note on peptide usage and women: The secretatory pattern of GH in women is different than in men.

    Originally Posted by DatBtrue View Post
    Yes. Growth Hormone is a uni-sexual hormone. It is not specific to either sex and is present in both.

    The primary difference appears to be the secretory release pattern....
    Women have more pulses throughout the day and higher troughs. Men have a huge night-time pulse that results in most of their GH release for the day.

    Additionally we have a greater GH release during our menstrual cycle

    1992: Faria A C; Bekenstein L W; Booth R A; Vaccaro V A; Asplin C M; Veldhuis J D; Thorner M O; Evans W S
    Pulsatile growth hormone release in normal women during the menstrual cycle.
    Clinical endocrinology 1992;36(6):591-6.

    However: Estrogen inhibits GH mediated effects in women.

    Growth hormone receptor modulators, Vita Birzniece & Akira Sata & Ken KY Ho, Rev Endocr Metab
    Regulation of His-dTrp-Ala-Trp-dPhe-Lys-NH2 (GHRP-6)-lnduced GH Secretion in the Rat, Federico Malloa, Neuroendocrinology 1993;57:247-256

    That does NOT mean women should take greater doses. Rather this exposes an opportunity for understanding how female bodies work and will react from an endocrinological standpoint.

    The following chapters will include (in chronological order):

    GH Log.
    Course of administration:
    10 months: 1 IU 5 on / 2 off increasing dosage to 2 IU 5 on/2 off 3 months in.
    Timing: First thing in the morning- empty stomach.
    Goal: reduce body fat, increase energy levels, aid in gaining muscle.
    Update interval: weekly/monthly

    GHRP6 Log.
    Course of administration:
    8 months: 1mcg/kg 5 on / 2 off
    Timing: Before bed fasted state.
    Goal: reduce body fat, increase energy levels, maintain muscle, repair+ recovery.
    Update interval: weekly/monthly

    IGF LR3 Log.

    Course of administration:
    1 month: 5 mcg/ bilaterally total of 10 mcg*
    Timing: PWO
    Goal: reduce body fat, gain muscle, repair + recovery.
    Update interval: daily/weekly

    Hexarelin Log.
    Course of administration:
    6 months: 20 mcg (lowest effective dose of a GHRP) 4 on /3 off.
    Timing: First thing in the morning- empty stomach.
    Goal: maintain lower body fat, increase energy levels, maintain muscle, repair+ recovery.
    Update interval: weekly/monthly

    CHAPTER ONE- May 2007:
    Current weight 160 (20% BF)
    Fasting glucose (on home clucose reader): 96
    Nervousness about first go. Heart rate: 110. (tested on home heart rate/bp machine)
    administered: 8 am. awoke early.

    first impressions: A rush described as pep-in-a-step. eyes wide open.
    wait time of 2 hours (halflife+ clearance- return to basal GH levels)
    Supplements taken + 25 minute wait. followed by high protein and most of carb/fats meal.
    training: today is an off day. Experiments are started on off days so bodily reactions are assessed.
    3pm: a light dizzieness sets in. hypoglycemic by symptom. A quick carb + protein meal is immediately eaten upon symptoms. Drink extra water just in case.

    Day 2:
    8 am - Awoke early again. note: sleep more restful than the night before
    Training day: at noon- push muscles.
    administration immediately PWO. 30 minute wait. administration of protein + glutamine PWO shake.
    had PWO energy- assumption is made that the adrenaline rush is from the excitement of a new protocol. Mid afternoon coffee is avoided.
    Change in stats: none.

    (NOTE: This thread will be continuously updated until brought up to real-time event logging )

  2. hmm... new to if there is any information missing... feel free to ask.
    forgot to mention post workout shake (50g protein + 10 g glutamine- as the insulinogenic/muscle hydration source) PWO meal (after the PWO shake is: 2 XL soft boiled eggs + 3oz beef liver + extra helping of protein powder: hydrolyzed whey iso.
    (not on friendly terms with lactose)). Perhaps worth mentioning that diet + training had been consistent/unchanged dynamics for 6 months prior.
    Also: not an official athlete, or competitor in any sport.

    First week impressions:
    Overall sense of well being has kicked in. No differences in sleep/lbm (strength or mass)/fatloss or performance.
    Side effects: Itchy administration site. Tested sites: Outer Thighs - skin too thick Abdomen: uncomfortable, Inner Thighs: strangely too veiny, Hips: Low Skin density/ no discomfort. Choice is hips- rotating sides.

    Week 2 impressions:
    Still no changes other than that listed above. I understand this takes a while to see effects. Patience is a virtue.
    Note: the akward symptoms from first administration were isolated to that first day- no recurring events of that kind. The site itch- was not a daily occurrence. Not sure the source of the cause- however if the itch is reciprocated with a scratch- a welt develops. Recon medium used: BW, so that would eliminate the possibility of pathogens as bacteriostatic water has sterilizing properties.

    June 2007- 30 days post:
    Sleep is a bit better. That is longer time and slightly deeper sleep. Professional requirements are to have a "flexible sleep schedule" - so sleep is always a challenge. Wake up is more refreshed than before. Any other statistical changes: none.
    Protocol steady at:
    Non training days: 1 IU empty stomach first thing in the AM
    Training days: 1 IU PWO (workouts ARE fasted)
    5 on 2 off.

    July 30- 60 days post:
    Notable events have begun to occur. Although minor- worth recording:
    Hip circumference has diminished by 1/2" Weights holding steady. Sleep still improved, well being still improved. Energetic feeling PWO. (An improvement resulting in: -1 cup caffeine on WO days).
    NOTE- strange side effects: there is a stiffness in the right hand pinky finger. Aside from the noted 1/2" loss from hip circumference (which correlated in a lower weight on the scale as well).
    Other statistical increases/decreases: none.

    July 16: Accident- knife injury. Depth of lesion was pretty deep- lots of blood. Workouts were not hindered. (Hooray for stick-on stitches and gauze).
    July 20: Note to self: deduction of accelerated wound healing. Secondary scabs have fallen off, however there is still subcutaneous pain.
    Any other improvement markers in performance: unchecked. checkups are done once monthly- due to the slow nature of the changes.

    August - 90 days post:
    Same protocol as above.
    An additional 1/4" drop in hip circumference with correlating drop in weighed mass.
    Sleep: improved/ on par with improvements.
    Wellbeing: improved/steady.
    Extra 5lbs each side on bench hooray - current (AUGUST 2007) bench: 115.
    (perhaps a precautionary note to anyone reading this: The length of these trials were not done completely "solo". There were 2 incidences (for the period of 1 month, and 2 months) were "helper stacks" were also implemented- they will be noted when they enter/exit the picture.)
    Any other notes: none.
    Side effects: pinky pain has spread to include the ring finger. Source of problem is understood- and is not a concern, rather it is used as an indication of efficacy.

    August - September:
    Dosage increased to 2 IU.
    There was a well respected gentleman who had a theory about PWO administration of GH. Add up the dosage spread over a week- and divide it into just PWO doses. In this example it would yield: 2IU x 5 days = 10 IU/ 2 PWO days = 5 IU PWO. (current training Ronnie Coleman? style who suggested Push Muscles / Pull Muscles split- Anaerobic Training is always done after DOMS symptoms diminish to prevent overtraining.)

    Sept 3 2007:
    First administration of modified protocol. Immediately PWO - 5 IU. Immediate impressions: uncomfortable. overloaded feeling. 30 min post administration, PWO shake, and 45 min after that PWO meal as usual.

    Sept 4:
    Nothing special to report. Sleep same. mood- same. energy- same. recovery- nothing yet.
    Sept 10: 1 week review of new protocol- the in-between training days seem less super than before, however in the gym there is a greater surge. perhaps this will yield a greater strength output.

    Sept 24: 3 week review- in-between days are definately not more super.
    Bodyfat decrease= 0.
    Well being- 5 on 2 off is preferred.
    Sleep- same.
    DOMS- recovery seems improved, 48 hours post training pain has subsided by 50%. Strenghth: Another 5lbs plates added to each side of the bench press. Bicep curl: 20 lbs. (+5lbs).
    Stamina: improved/ PWO energy- improved.

    OCTOBER 2007:
    Return to 5/2 protocol @ 2IU.

  3. Wow I'll have to read this when I have a bit more time after the gym. Looks interesting; the topic really made me think you were going to be studying the physics behind antigravity though

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  6. sorry for a delay in the series, I am travelling.

    October 2007:
    Returned to 5 on 2 off protocol. @2 iu.
    Continued to notice the progressive decrease in bf. And visual markers of "tone". DOMS sympoms are less intense, assumptions: recovery rate is improving. Strength is marginally up a slow and steady increae over the last couple of months. Another 5 lbs to each side. Bench press totalling a 125lb press max. This is pretty exciting. In comparison to other "helper" compounds the effects this one is far less aggressive (interns of mass, size, fat loss) however more holistic. Sleep is improving and energy is improving as well. Greater sense of wellbeing.

    November 2007:
    Having been solo on gh for the better part of 6 months the consideration of the addition of another variable, to test the potential of gh.
    A lengthy body of anecdotal evidence gas suggested that taking an anabolic substance would synergistically work with gh. The choice complimentary supplement: Furazadrol from Axis Labs because of the purported the recomp value. Dozens of users reported regarding it's weak effectiveness, many users have reported doubling and even tripling the dosage.
    Start off at 1 cap (split bid) dissolved in a high fat compound like fish oils. The dosage scheme was 6 weeks - testing phase 3 days at 1 cap (50 mg) - followed by either 4 more days at 1 cap, or depending on reactions, dosage increase to 2 caps. Ramp scheme was as follows:
    Week One: 1-(2) caps
    Week Two: 2 caps
    Week Three + Four: 3 caps
    Week Five: 2 caps
    Week Six: 1 caps.

    existing protocol was maintained.

    Week One impressions: (taken on day 8)
    None in particular- perhaps an increased sense of energy.
    strength gain improvements- none yet.
    holistic qualities: well being/ recovery/ sleep/ energy- nothing out of the improved-normal condition from before.
    bodyfat: - hip circumference change- none, however weighted measurements are - 2 lbs.

    Week two impressions: (taken on day 16)
    stamina in during training is good- an increased level of energy during training- muscular condition feels "very pneumatic"- perhaps indicating an increased mind body connection, or an increase in strength. musco-skeletal physical changes-visually: none. Holistic Qualities: steadily increasing at the same rate as before, indicating that newly added variable is not affecting the respective holistic qualities. Bodyfat loss- hip circumference slight decrease. Weighed mass:
    -1 lb.

    Week three impressions: (taken on day 22)
    strength increases were noticed. added another 5lbs to the bench on each side current bench max:135 lbs. Bodyweight loss has tapered down to .5lbs this week. Holistic qualities are steady.
    No other side effects have been noted.

    Week four impressions:
    steady increases in strength continued, body weight: -.5 lbs. Holistic profile steady.
    stamina - increased, training is less challenging- described as having a "superhuman sensation". physical markers: look - increasingly toned. sinewy striations are being revealed in tensed poses.

    Week five impressions:
    Added another 2.5lbs to each side 1 rep max bench press. muscle-size measurements taken at bicep 1/4" increase, forearm 1/2" increase since May 2007. Body mass changes noted- none.

    Week six/ final impressions:
    strength gains this week- none/ remained steady. However total strength increases resulted in a 15lb increase in 1 rep max bench press.
    Holistic qualities- remained steady. however energy/endurance marked an increase.
    body weight loss: this week- none. however overall body weight loss 4 lbs. Hip circumference decrease: 1/4"
    Side effects- none noted.
    Subject pleased with results.

    Mid December-
    continuing with 5 on 2 off @ 2 IU protocol.

  7. January 2008-
    accelerated turnover rate slowing down- there were no new notes of increases in strength, mass, stamina, endurance. however holistic state/state of well being- is steady. weight remaining steady. There are no losses in strength gains. The cold weather creates a very uncomfortable soreness in hands, especially around lunch time (roughly 3 hrs post administration). DOMS symptoms are reduced to >48 hours. Which is a marked improvement.
    On a retrospective tangent - 1 side effect was noted from the previous month's experiment: a decrease in PMS with an accompanied "lighter" menstrual flow. As a PMD sufferer- this is also considered an improvement, however noteworthy. no PMS symptoms- menstrual flow was also "lighter".

    February 2008-
    Steady feeling of well being. Strength maintained, bodyfat test- suggests a slight reduction in hip circumference, however weight is steady. Tonality is improved since November- especially in arms, calves and oblique abdominals. Note- genetic limitations in vascularity- thus no "pump products" "bf loss" or "anabolic substances" have helped unearth what wasnt already there, despite the increase in defenition.

    March 2008 -
    a slight increase in strength, however not in bench press. weight down -1lbs. Hip circumference steady. Steady elevated well being, stamina, and increased quality in sleep.
    the effects seem to have had a long ramp up- however have held steady for the latter part of this trial. The recomposition value has been excellent. especially in strength gains. not so much in mass. body fat reduction has been impressive. Speed of recovery- has been increased.
    On an interesting note- a nootropic effect: clarity of mind has also been noted in the latter couple of months as well.
    Considering this is the final entry in Chapter One- the previous conclusive remarks were drawn.
    An indefinite continuation of this compound would be ideal- however legal status/cost has rendered this a one time trial.

    A comparative analysis- the beginning of GHRP6. after the typical 2 day refrain commencing gh.

  8. GHRP-6:
    dosage 1mcg/kg roughly 65 mcg. Pre Bed.
    GHRP-6 has equally extensive research on women as it does on men.
    Several well researched + documented thereads have explained in depth logics behind ghrp6 administration. However female anecdotal evidence is scarce.

    Ghrp6 information has been re-researched with female patients in mind, and the following protocols for a full body of research please read this person's guide on ghrp6 + cjc1295 for general information, however feel free to ask any specific questions regarding females + ghrp6.


    previously focused studies on ghrp6 + women; follow link above- go to post

    However here is a quick bulleted overview:
    and please note that there are citations for each of the claims below, if you would like verification
    -ghrp6 is a ghrelin mimetic - ghrelin is a ligand of the stomach/ digestive system responsible for hunger.
    -ghrp6 is a class of hexapeptides known to stimulate powerful surges of GH after a single bolus administration SQ. the effects last for 2 hours, and a 3 hour half-life.
    -ghrp6 is a cardio protective agent
    - it does not raise prolactin and cortisol to the degree other secretogogues do.
    -ghrp6 improves slow wave sleep, however decreases REM sleep.
    -can improve IGF-1 levels as well. And also acts independently of somatostatin.
    - a side effect of GHRP6 at high doses stimulates appetite.
    -GHRPs also cause a cascade of a series of growth hormones, not just the one that has been isolated for medical replication.

    The reasoning behind ghrp6 was: it was able to produce a spike- thus mimicking a single bolus injection of GH. which would mimic the original gh protocol.
    Several protocols called for a minimum of 100 mcg 3x daily. (As little 30 mcg 1x day. have been shown to illicit positive effects), however doses ranging as high as 300 mcg have been used for strength/muscle improvements, as well as purported for fat loss. Saturation dose has been reported at 100 mcg.

    Doses have been adminstered in men and women pre-bed. However, an attempt to mimic the original protocol- the test/first dosage will be taken at 9 am.
    doses would be administered at 100 mcg the purported saturation dose.

    April 7, 2008:
    first dosage-
    9 am. nervous. VERY.
    dosage 100 mcg SQ. Hip area, fasted state, as before.
    initial impressions- dizzy. and nauseus. heart is racing, however propably explained by nerves.
    -the dizzy-nauseus feeling persisted for 3 hours. Which after "sluggish" symptoms" ensued for the remainder of the day, regardless the amount of coffee drank.
    hunger side effect: none. hand pain roughly 30-45 minutes post administration, however worse than before.
    Off training day- however despite the "off the wall slug feeling" daily responsibilities was not impeded. Sleep- unusually deep. however not restful.

    April 8:
    dosage reduced to 65 mcg
    9 am/empty stomach-
    yesterday's experiece was not repeated, however surprizingly- the "slug" feeling persisted.
    However it did not hinder training performance.

    April 9:
    9 am/ empty stomach- slug feeling again. Any other effects: too soon to tell. However, symptoms of bloating noted.

    April 11:
    administration rescheduled to evening dosage. Reasoning: perhaps timing is the culprit in the "slug feeling". Evening administration did ameliorate the "slug symptoms" however, sleep was dreamless.

    April 12:
    "unwanted effects" have been ameliorated. All other markers: too soon to tell. However- there has been no strenghth/mass loss, nor has their been bf or weight loss.

  9. May 2008:

    Initial impressions of GHRP-6 have been good. The first month: no differences in weight (loss or gain) and no differences in strength (which means: holding steady). Sleep was considerably "deeper" like - a -rock. however dream-time/REM sleep phase was acutely diminished.
    Appetite is the same, however bowel movements have become increasingly regular. (ghrp - is a ghrelin analogue- ghrelin stimulates gastric emptying) ... so .......
    Administered pre-bed: minimum of 3-4 hours fasted state prior administration.

    SWS & GH release

    There are two types of sleep, rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement (NREM). Sleep proceeds in cycles composed of four types of stages of NREM and a stage of REM usually ordered as: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 3 > 2 > REM

    The cycle lasts on average 90 to 110 minutes, with a greater quantity of stages 3 and 4 experienced early in the night and more REM later in the night.

    NREM accounts for 75–80% of total sleep time. Non-REM is comprised of four stages; stages 1 and 2 are considered 'light sleep', and 3 and 4 'deep sleep' or slow-wave sleep (SWS).

    It has been shown that sleep, more specifically slow-wave sleep (SWS), does affect growth hormone levels in adult men. During eight hours sleep, it has been demonstrated in several studies that the men with a high percentage of SWS (average 24%) also had high growth hormone secretion, while subjects with a low percentage of SWS (average 9%) had low growth hormone secretion.

    In one very complete study referenced by several others, it was demonstrated that “GH secretory rates and peripheral GH concentrations were maximally correlated with sleep stage, with lags of 4.5 and 16 min, respectively, suggesting that maximal GH release occurs within minutes of the onset of stage 3 or 4 sleep”.

    Furthermore “sleep-related augmentation of GH secretion… usually occurs around midnight and the GH levels at that time are, as a rule, at their highest during the 24-hour period. Partially, this phenomenon is time-entrained and partially related to sleep itself. It is associated with a slow wave sleep, and the maximal GH levels occur within minutes of the onset of slow wave sleep” -Holl RW, Hartman ML, Veldhuis JD, et al. Thirty-second sampling of plasma growth hormone in man: correlation with sleep stages. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 1991;72:854–61.
    what is interesting to note here - and this is important to women considering the use of GHRH (cjc-1295, modified ghrh 1-29) and daytime/night time adminstration.

    Systemic growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) impairs sleep in healthy young women

    Stefan Mathiasa, Katja Helda, Marcus Isinga, Jutta C. Weikela, Alexander Yassouridisa and Axel SteigerCorresponding Author Contact Information, a, E-mail The Corresponding Author

    aDepartment of Psychiatry, Max-Planck-Institute of Psychiatry, Kraepelinstrasse 2-10, 80804 Munich, Germany

    Received 4 April 2007;
    revised 26 July 2007;
    accepted 28 July 2007.
    Available online 11 September 2007.


    In young male subjects peripherally administered growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) enhances GH and slow wave sleep (SWS) and blunts cortisol. In contrast, in a sample of females 19–76-year old, GHRH impairs sleep and enhances adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and cortisol. In the latter study, the days of investigation were not adapted to the menstrual cycle and premenopausal and postmenopausal women as well were included. Placebo and GHRH were given during consecutive nights. In order to confirm or reject the sexual dimorphism of the effects of GHRH on sleep we applied an improved study design. In the present study we examined the effect of pulsatile administration of two dosages of GHRH (4×25 or 4×50 μg intravenously, respectively) on sleep electroencephalogram (EEG) and nocturnal hormone secretion in healthy young women according to a randomized schedule. To rule out the influence of gonadal hormone activity, the study was adapted to the phase of the menstrual cycle and was performed at 4–6th day of menstrual cycle. A carry-over effect was excluded by the interval of at least 4 weeks between examinations. Compared to placebo rapid-eye-movement sleep decreased during the first half of the night after 4×25 μg GHRH and sleep stage 4 decreased after 4×50 μg GHRH. After both dosages GH increased whereas ACTH and cortisol remained unchanged. This study confirms that systemic GHRH impairs sleep in women.
    so it would be better to consider day-time protocol.

    June 2008:
    Night protocol continued - and things are going well. Keeping it relatively low dose,
    1mcg/kg. Weight : same. Strength: same. Stamina: pretty good. Sleep: aside from lack of dreams, awakening - is refreshed. sleeping longer than usual. DOMS- same/ attenuated. Side Effects: soreness in right hand. No dreams.

    July 2008:
    Progress has been made on 1 rep max bench press- @ 145 lbs. Despite the improvement the "super feeling"/sense of energetic well being isnt as pronounced with the GHRP-6. Its far more subtle. Perhaps the perspectives presented here suggest a quick-onset of the benefits of increased GH, the reader must remind themselves that Antigravity had directly transfered from the GH protocol to the GHRP protocol without breaks, and thus benefits/effects of elevated GH had been sustained- and maintained in the transition.
    Weight changes- none. Other positive markers - same. Side effects: same.

    Endurance is good. Particularly noted due to the hot climate. Exhaustion on cycling tours has not been as big of an issue as it has been in the past. Interesting note regarding energy: greater bursts of spontaneous high energy moments, rather than "energy all the time". Sleep- same. Strength- same. Weight: surprisingly SAME....?

    Strange note- mental fog. Forgetting things quickly. It was noted last month- but thought it was due to the inclimately hot weather. However 2 months- require further inspection. Anecdotal evidence suggests the opposite- mental acuity.

    Increased pre-bed glutamine (used as a glutamate receptor agonist/GABA precursor)-
    Experience mild dreaming, however mental fog was not "lifted".
    Mood however: good. Energy: good. Sense of well being: good.
    Strength although weight is the same, the ease of moving the heavier weights is quite surprising. Weight.......same........
    Menstrual cycles: Menstrual cycles were followed since April to note trends: light since May. (which in THIS CASE is VERY GOOD). -however PMS has been AWFUL starting in June - however may not have anything to do with this, despite the fact that PMS symptoms have been greatly diminished in the months before... (severe PMS- has been a lifelong issue)

    Ghrelin Inhibits Steroid Biosynthesis by Cultured Granulosa-Lutein Cells
    Isabella Viani, Alessandra Vottero, Francesco Tassi, Giulia Cremonini, Chiara Sartori, Sergio Bernasconi, Bruno Ferrari and Lucia Ghizzoni

    Departments of Pediatrics (I.V., A.V., F.T., G.C., C.S., S.B., L.G.) and Gynecology-Obstetrics and Neonatology (B.F.), University of Parma, 43100 Parma, Italy

    Address all correspondence and requests for reprints to: Lucia Ghizzoni, M.D., Department of Pediatrics, University of Parma, Via Gramsci 14, 43100 Parma, Italy. E-mail: [email protected].

    Context: Growing evidence indicates that ghrelin may participate in the regulation of different aspects of reproductive function. The genes encoding for this peptide and its receptor are expressed in the human ovary, but their functional role is still unknown.

    Objective: The aim of our study was to assess whether ghrelin has any effect on steroid synthesis by human granulosa-lutein cells and to identify the receptor isoform through which this potential effect is exerted.

    Design, Patients, and Methods: Thirty-five women with spontaneous ovulatory cycles undergoing in vitro fertilization for infertility due to uni- or bilateral tubal impatency or male factor were studied. Granulosa-lutein cells obtained from follicular fluid were incubated with increasing amounts of human acylated ghrelin (10–11 to 10–7 mol/liter) either alone or together with a 1:500 concentration of a specific anti-ghrelin receptor antibody [GH secretagogue receptor 1a (GHS-R1a)]. Culture media were tested for estradiol (E2) and progesterone (P4). The expression of GHS-R1a and GHS-R1b in human granulosa-lutein cells was also studied by real-time quantitative PCR.

    Results: E2 and P4 concentrations in the culture media were significantly reduced by ghrelin in a dose-dependent fashion. The maximal decrease in E2 (25%) and P4 (20%) media concentrations was obtained with the 10–7 and 10–8 mol/liter ghrelin concentrations, respectively. The inhibitory effect of all ghrelin concentrations used was antagonized by the specific anti-ghrelin receptor-1a antibody added to the culture media and not by the specific anti-ghrelin receptor-1b antibody. Both 1a and 1b isoforms of the GHS-R were expressed in human granulosa-lutein cells, with the latter exceeding the former’s expression (GHS-R1b/GHS-R1a ratio, 143.23 ± 28.15).

    Conclusions: Ghrelin exerts an inhibitory effect on granulosa-lutein cells steroidogenesis by acting through its functional GHS-R1a. This suggests that ghrelin may serve an autocrine-paracrine role in the control of gonadal function and be part of a network of molecular signals responsible for the coordinated control of energy homeostasis and reproduction.
    Additionally there have been other studies suggesting it is not a key player DURING menstrual cycles- it is still worthy of noting the possibility that Ghrelin MAY/in some cases attenuate the cascade of female hormones. (if you are a reader who is taking birth control- please do your own research. Although female, the author has NO experience in that department from which to draw from).

    Effect of ghrelin on gonadotrophin secretion in women during the menstrual cycle
    Christina I. Messini1, Konstantinos Dafopoulos1, Nektarios Chalvatzas1, Panagiotis Georgoulias2 and Ioannis E. Messinis1,3

    1 Departments of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Thessalia 41110, Larissa, Greece 2 Nuclear Medicine, Medical School, University of Thessalia, 41110 Larissa, Greece

    3 Correspondence address. Tel: +30-2410682795; Fax: +30-2410670096; E-mail: [email protected]

    BACKGROUND: It has been suggested that ghrelin may affect reproduction in animals by decreasing pituitary LH secretion. The role of ghrelin on LH secretion in women has not been investigated. Our aim was to assess the effect of ghrelin administration on basal and GnRH-induced LH secretion during the menstrual cycle.

    METHODS: Normally cycling women (n = 10) received on Day 3 of three consecutive cycles a single bolus i.v. of either ghrelin (1 µg/kg, cycle 1) or GnRH (100 µg, cycle 2) or GnRH plus ghrelin (cycle 3). In cycle 1, ghrelin was also injected in late follicular and mid-luteal phase of the cycle. Saline was injected in a preceding cycle (cycle 1, control). Blood samples were taken before drugs or saline injection (time 0) as well as at –15, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 and 120 min.

    RESULTS: Plasma ghrelin levels increased rapidly, peaking at 15 or 30 min (P < 0.001), then decreased steadily, approaching pre-injection levels at 120 min. Serum FSH, LH, estradiol and progesterone levels remained unchanged. The stimulating effect of GnRH on LH and FSH secretion was unaffected by ghrelin injection. In contrast to saline, ghrelin stimulated a significant increase in growth hormone levels.

    CONCLUSIONS: Under these experimental conditions, our results demonstrate for the first time the inability of a bolus of ghrelin to affect basal and GnRH-induced LH and FSH secretion. It is suggested that ghrelin does not play a major physiological role in gonadotrophin secretion in women.

  10. October :
    Protocol - same.
    Definately noticed a strength increase, another 5lb plate up current 1 rep max: 150 @ bench. Very exciting. However, concerns regarding the lack of any fat loss (in measurements, or in scale) is a great concern. Mental fog- still persistent. Energy/Endurance/Well Being- good.

    Strength is up - the ease of training load is quite interesting. However the lack of any decrease in mass measurements is frustrating at this point. Mental fog- same.
    Sleep- dreamless, deep, same.

    Considering the lack of body-mass reduction (however at least no gains in weight)- A reconsideration has been formulated for the month of December. At the end of November. the following discovery was made:

    During once daily sc ghrelin administration to wild-type mice for 2 weeks, body weight and fat mass increased without a change in food intake, locomotor activity, lean body mass, or bone mass. Because ghrelin releases GH, increases food intake, and GH is lipolytic rather than lipogenic, these are unexpected results.

    Unnatural Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptide Begets Natural Ghrelin
    Cyril Y. Bowers

    Endocrine Section, Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112-2699

    Address correspondence and requests for reprints to: Cyril Y. Bowers, M.D., Endocrine Section, Tulane University School of Medicine, 1430 Tulane Avenue, SL53, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112-2699.

    fortunately no fat-mass accrual. however explains the lack of fat loss.
    With that said- the strategy for december became to build mass.
    An experiment was devised-
    Acquired for 4 week experiment in addition to GHRP 6 was MGF.
    MGF is another IGF-1 type hormone that stimulates localised muscle growth. Benefit- Purportedly 100% localized reactions, and no IGF-1 side effects, like hypoglycemia.
    Dosed around WO only. 50 mcg bi lat. IM (in group worked) for a total of 100 mcg. (roughly 1/2 of the standard male dose, according to anecdotal evidence). Chosen were lagging muscle groups (biceps/triceps).
    WO time has been set to: week 1: pre, week 2: post, week 3: intra. There is anecdotal evidece supporting all three protocols. Winning protocol (judged by girth) will be implemented for another week. (week 4)
    GHRP 6 - prebed protocol - no changes.

    Dec 1:

    Pull day- First dose. Not nervous- by this day pinning is normal. Workout always semi fasted (preWO beverage is taken roughly 60 min prior-do not include carb source).
    Isolated muscles: biceps.
    Dosing time: preWO.
    Workout: painful. biceps are swollen- by apprearance look larger. They however feel swollen. 1 rep max was not inhibited.

    Dec 2:
    Mirror assessment- biceps still look pretty pumped up, however not nearly as large as before. DOMS- pretty bad. I get a "pump" when I pick up a pen. Very interesting.
    Sleep- unaffected.

    Dec 5:
    Push day.
    Pre WO: 50 mcg/bi lat. total 100 mcg. IM.
    Isolated Muscles: triceps.
    Workout: additional 2.5 lb increase on bench press 1 rep max. However- painful. painful workout. triceps are "pumped" "swollen". I havent noticed energy increases above normal capacity-

    Dec 9:
    pull day
    dosing: Post WO 50 mcg bi lat. + 30 min wait - then pwo shake
    muscles isolated: biceps
    wo: not as sore today- actually pleasant. increased energy.

    Dec 10:
    DOMS- still pretty bad. the visual pump'ed look, or swolleness described earlier is still prominent, however PWO administration- results in a more visually subtle swell.

    Dec. 13:
    Pull day
    Dosing: PWO + 30 min wait - then protein shake
    Muscles Isolated: triceps
    WO: increased energy like before. added 2.5 lbs more. however- not nearly as painful as last weeks.

    DOMS- workouts still 2x week. however DOMS are 48 hr + post. Thus following workout, DOMS from previous workout are still present.

  11. Dec. 17
    Pull day
    Administration: Intra WO
    Isolated muscle groups: biceps.
    WO: first half ok. second half- not so good. Intra WO is 1/2 the pain of preWO, however 1/2 the extra energy. with that said- completion of workout was successful. Muscles- look bigger. 1 rep max. up. Bad note: pinning hurt.

    Interesting note- interms of feeling a connection or effectiveness of a WO- Intra WO yields a better mind-body connection. The quality of soreness (if there is such a thing) was better IWO rather than preWO or postWO.

    Dec 21:
    Push muscles:
    Administration IntaWO
    Isolated muscles: triceps.
    Put another 2.5 lbs on one rep bench max. very exciting.
    Quality of WO - good.
    Quality of soreness- good.

    Dec 22:
    Mirror assessment- pinned muscles look a little larger- more pumped. All other stats: same.

    Continual with Intra WO protocol - as it was effective in this experiment. +1 week.

    Jan 2009:
    Last month of GHRP 6.- the mental fog and lack of fat loss is UNBEARABLE.
    strength gains increased an additional 2.5 lbs in 1 rep bench max.
    gains from previous month still present.
    weight- no budge
    sleep- dreamless, deep
    mental fog- present.

    Feb 2009:
    IGF Lr3.
    Protocol 1 month. Timing PWO. EOD
    Shifted WO schedule to match pinning schedule.

    First dose: Feb 6-
    done on a non-wo day to test baseline effects. very important.
    in house acetic acid titration was done- pre administration.
    administration test: medial delt heads. 20 mcg bilat. is considered a conservative dose.
    Post-Adminsitration noted:
    not cool. a bit dizzy. panicky. vision off. chest tightness. perhaps it is nerves. feel queasy. Performed blood glucose test- in low 70s. lower than usual.
    Administered glucose immediately.
    regained sense of well-being. however still dizzy- went for walk.
    As evening progressed, felt better.
    NOTE: Although hypoglycemia while using IGF LR3 has been documented, it is not very common, unless you are particularly sensitive to the effects of insulin, which is true for certain individuals.
    In this case: having read horror stories about diabetic comas prior to administration did not help the mental outlook. Additionally, aside from anecdotal evidence collected, Antigravity has no friend whom which she can share her experiences with. She knows no one, not even a fellow gym rat. And in this she is alone.

    First PWO administration:
    dropped dosage down to 10 mcg. perhaps an even more conservative dose is necessary.
    first WO- was push muscles.
    pinned upper pectoral muscle bilaterally. 10 mcg ea side IM.
    As a contingency plan there is a honey jar at hand. Side effects: today none, just a bit jittery.
    PWO shake is drank, however glucose is still required.

    Feb 8:
    PWO shake reformulated to contain glucose.
    now reads:
    50 g Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate
    5g leucine
    10g glutamine
    35g glucose

    -very sweet.

    off day pin.- pinned forearms. no adverse reactions. except the pinning was painful.
    complaint: pinning forearms is tricky. especially if one is not veiny. This is NOT recommended to anyone. However is shared, because it was an experience.
    10 mcg bi lat.

    Feb 10:
    pull day. pinned rear delt. (thank goodness for yoga) PWO
    IM, 10 mcg ea side. bi lat.
    glucose + pwo shake taken = aside from a bit of mental fog: no side effects.
    no notices in strength/mass,
    however note- -1/2 measurement around the waist. THIS is exciting.

  12. some good info here AG

  13. Feb 12:
    Off day. Pinned triceps- 10mcg bi lat. (5mcg each side- to explore a low-dose)
    side effects- none. actually, felt kinda nice today.
    followed by glucose+protein shake.

    Feb 14:
    push day
    10mcg PWO bi lat anterior deltoid heads.
    protein shake + honey.
    side effects: a bit lethargic. kinda buzzed-tension feeling- especially at the top of my head and back of neck...
    visual mirror inspection- defenition is increasing, noted around the serratus area (under the lat)- which is a first.

    Feb 16:
    off day. 5mcg each side.
    medial deltoid head.
    honey+protein shake.
    notes: feel nice again. maybe a bit buzzy, but nothing noteworthy.
    dear readers: please note IGF is not a high dose get huge type of compound- a little goes a long way. It is responsible for growing new muscle cells- so it will take time for them to grow- consider IGF a long term investment plan. On the short note, IGF does help reduce fat, due to the hypoglycemic/nutrient partitioning effect. From this experience, IGF has proven itself as an agent of recomp. Also note- cardiovascular activities were done on non-administration days, and was not hindered or enhanced.

    Feb 18:

    Pull muscles-
    biceps- 5mcg PWO bi lat (total 10 mcg) - since low-dose had less post administration reactions- it was considered as a PWO protocol.
    honey + protein shake.
    Reactions- none noted.

    Feb 20-
    Off day:
    muscle group: lat 5mcg bi lat. total 10 mcg. then shake+ honey.
    mirror inspection- seeing the beginnings of individual muscular definition in thighs. Very interesting- for a genetically a fat kneed girl.

    Feb 22-
    push muscles-
    upper pectoral post WO 5mcg ea. side despite large muscle group.
    followed by protein + honey.
    reactions- mildly buzzed. short lasting.

    Feb 24-
    off day
    triceps. ...
    reactions: felt buzzy/tense again.
    ate extra honey.

    Feb 26-
    considering the amound of honey, glucose, carbs overall- eaten throught this month: an extra 1/4 in was lost in hip circumference. This IS exciting indeed. An additional note- vascularity increased, particularly in shoulder area. Strange because forearm vascularity is still minimal..... really, no new veins to show off in my forearms.
    Mirror assessment: Upper body looks "fuller"- and has been consistently so since the beginning of this past week.

    Feb 28-
    5lb increase on 1 rep max bench.

    final thoughts:

    despite the head-buzz sugar buzz reactions; this compound has a place in my favorites list. however it is noteworthy that extensive IGF usage DOES lead to a inhibition of GH secretion due to its effect on the negative feedback cycle. Additionally, titrating a home-made acetic acid solution, despite access to a science laboratory- is still a bothersome thought.
    A RETROSPECTIVE NOTE: the administration of IGF helped maintain mass in the months to come when hectic +demanding schedules ensued.
    In addition progress in muscle size/density/fullness were made with "extreme ease"- as muscle cells matured into fibers + tissue. And strength rose as well.

    The one month- interlude. March 2009.
    An open minded exploration of GH-secretogogues found in stores*
    The purpose of this month's exploration was to understand wether OTC/"natural" GH boosters were effective... at all. although there is much skepticism, hype and drama, curiosity killed the cat, you know. Purposely left out dosages- as Study dosages were used. This part is for information only- even experienced users are cautioned regarding home-made super stacks.

    A ****tail of:
    Blood sugar droppers (Na-R-ALA, Banaba, Mormodica, Vanadium)
    B Vitamins (3, 5 and 6)
    //PM STACK-
    GABA + GABOB (yes- GABOB)
    N-acetyl-glutamine + L-Glycine
    mucuna pruriens (men's dosage/kg)
    //AM STACK-
    Arginine Pyroglutamate + Lysine Hydrochloride

    Throughout this month there was no change (increases or loss) in strength.
    Some fat loss was noticed, in small amounts: as recorded during visual mirror-inspections. However no decrease in hip circumference.
    Sleep- good. deep. dreamy. However short.
    Mental Acuity - excellent.
    Side Effects- forearm pain. finger pain. Breast tenderness.....very strange. A little nausea here and there. Shortness of breath/Flushing after GABA.
    Energy/stamina/well being - good.
    Closing comments- based on symptomatic evaluation, and compared to earlier GH related experience, its effectiveness is concluded as: OK (Read - they did what they said: "boost/elevate" GH)...- however extremely costly- and annoying to schedule one's day/meals/everything around round-the-clock dosing.

    April 2009:

    Hexarelin has had its spotlight stolen from it- because of the spike in cortisol , and prolactin, as well as the receptor downregulation issue.
    However - it deserves its spotlight back.

    Reasons why Hexarelin > GHRP-6.

    Aside from spiking a higher GH release than any other GHRP, and who's spike outlasts all the other GHRPs, inducing both a spike in GH + IGF-1. And is only reduced by 40% in effectiveness when administered in the presence of insulin/glucose or fatty acids/triglycerides.... here are some other benefits.

    In thermogenic control:

    PPARgamma agonism increases rat adipose tissue lipolysis, expression of glyceride lipases, and the response of lipolysis to hormonal control.
    Festuccia WT, Laplante M, Berthiaume M, Gélinas Y, Deshaies Y.
    Laval Hospital Research Center, Faculty of Medicine, Laval University, Quebec, G1V 4G5, Canada.
    PPAR Gamma agonism leads to mitochondrial biogenesis, upregulation, and increase in thermogenic markers in brown and white fat. Hexarelin increased PPAR Gamma activity:
    Which has also shown its ability to upregulate PPAR Gamma co-factors. In several pubmed et al. searches for studies on hexarelin + lipogenesis have not provided any results. (if anyone reading has any please post) : The following studies relate to hexarelin specifically-

    A growth hormone-releasing peptide that binds scavenger receptor CD36 and ghrelin receptor up-regulates sterol transporters and cholesterol efflux in macro****es through a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma-dependent pathway.
    Avallone R, Demers A, Rodrigue-Way A, Bujold K, Harb D, Anghel S, Wahli W, Marleau S, Ong H, Tremblay A.
    Faculty of Pharmacy, Pavillon Jean-Coutu, and Research Center, Ste-Justine Hospital, University of Montreal, Montréal, Québec, Canada.
    A growth hormone-releasing peptide promotes mitochondrial biogenesis and a fat burning-like phenotype through scavenger receptor CD36 in white adipocytes.

    Rodrigue-Way A, Demers A, Ong H, Tremblay A.

    Research Center, Ste-Justine Hospital, 3175 Côte Ste-Catherine, Montréal (Québec), Canada H3T 1C5.

    It is also to note that Hexarelin protects against Cardiac Ischemia, and helps regain ventricular function after an ischemic attack.
    Additionally- Hexarelin helps lower cholesterol (LDL) levels via CD36 scavenger cells.
    It has been researched for its metabolic regulating/adaptive thermogenesic abilities.

    Hexarelin day 1. off day.
    morning administration. due to the issues of desensitization, several strategies have been explored (by research, anecdotal evidence of a very reputably knowledgeable 2 whom wrote his take on IGF, and the other who wrote his basic guidelines on gh-s' + ghrh.)
    4 on 3 off.
    .3mcg/kg (roughly 20mcg) a very conservative dosage. And it will stay this way- goals are long term, rather than "cycle".
    SQ, fasted state first thing in the morning (based on female secretatory patterns).

    first administration:
    reactions- slight asthmatic* feeling in chest for about 5-10 min. +20 min- shooting forearm and hand pains like never before, subsided within 30 min.

    *Chest tightness has been explained by a theory- regarding GHRP's ability to agonize allergic responses. This theory was not researched- however it makes sense. This is not to be confused with the "Flush and tightness" feelings users have reported with CJC.

    NOTE: in the entire 3 year course - dexterity has remained the same. And in terms of professional consequences, this is an important consideration to observe.

  14. heres some more on hexarelin:

    hexarelin causes triglyceride depletion in adipose cells. as well as downregulate the genes responsible for glycerolipid biosynthesis....

    (article reads regarding metabolism and hexarelin)

  15. glad i took a peek in here, you are really turning me on with this hexarelin stuff, might have to give it a try one day soon.... thanks for the info, keep it coming

  16. Well... we all know how this story ends: Antigravity rides off into the sunset with hexarelin. However, lets humor the ending- and find out what leads her to that decision:

    Day 2:
    fasted state. AM. 20 mcg.
    reactions: forearm soreness, slight chest tightness, gone by the time clothes are on.
    note: no interactions with coffee (drank roughly 30 min post administration).
    Actually- this morning noted a pep! sense of well being. (positive energy).
    no need for second cup of coffee until lunch-time.

    WO: pull day.
    went smoothly. nothing different than usual.
    PWO: 50 g hWPI shake with leucine + glutamine (removed the honey/glucose @ the end of LR3 cycle).
    so far so good.

    week 1 impressions:

    Sleep: same- good. DREAMY! dreams have not disappeared. No mental fog.
    Energy- great. However nothing to note regarding WO- because dosed far from WO.
    Hip circumference same. Strength same.
    Notes: goals are not gain, insofar as maintain. As the BF slowly dropped, upperbody mass remained relatively the same. Assumption- upper body mass greater than calculated. And continually reduce, or maintain reduced BF.

    week 2 impressions:
    a bit of a strength boost during WO- reps are easier. however no lb. increase yet.
    fat loss: mirror assessment: more toned, sinewy especially in forearms. no hip differences as of yet. However compliments have been flying.

    May 2009:

    Schedule created a situation impossible to train. However hexarelin was still administered regularly and protein was kept as high as allowable in the circumstances.

    Circumference loss: 1/4". Weight loss: correlated.
    Mirror assessment: lean. sinewy. back has interesting muscular topography. shoulder + trap development is very visible. Stamina- remained high.

    June 2009:

    Back on schedule. Surprising no strength loss. Resumed feeding- no gains in unwanted areas, however muscles look fuller.
    Reactions: same.
    No mental fog. Good sleep/dreams. Good energy.

    July 2009:

    hexarelin + Cyclotren experiment- 4 weeks.
    Hexarelin protocol same.
    Cyclotren: 10mg ed. (roughly 1/3 capsule). for 1 week. assess dosage/reactions.
    planned dosage scheme:
    Week 1: 10mg
    Week 2: 20 mg*
    Week 3: 20 mg*
    Week 4: 10 mg
    *increased only if well tolerated
    Adminstration: with fat containing meal/dissolved in fish oils.
    Purpose: compare synergism between a secretogogue + PH vs. GH + PH trial from 2007.

    Day 1:
    off day- assess dosages/reactions.
    nothing out of the ordinary. mild headache.

    Day 2:
    Pull day: WO energy good. same. Nothing special to report. Sleep same. Energy good. Sides: none noted. mild headache- went away by lunch.

    Day 3:
    Off day- perhaps a bit more "vigor"- however nothing out of the ordinary.

    Day 5:
    Push day.
    Hip circumference: same, however the measuring tape IS a little loose.
    Sides: nothing yet
    Sense of well being- good, energy- good.
    Sleep- good.

    Week 1 assessments:
    Nothing to write home about. Vitals/Holistic markers: good. Side effects- nothing out of the ordinary (hex reactions). Mild headaches went away by the end of the week.

    Week 2 assessments:
    Since week one assessments of Cyclotren were well tolerated- increased dosage to 20mg. (Split as 2 x 10mg am/pm)
    Strength went up. +2.5lbs on 1 rep max bench. Energy- pretty high. Vigorous. A little antsy even.
    Hip circumference- the tape IS a little looser still, however no 1/4" yet....
    Holistic markers- same/good. Sleep good. well-being good.
    Side Effects- aside from antsy-ness. none.

    Week 3 assessments:
    No sides. That is excellent. Dosage steady at 20mg.
    Strength- up 2.5lbs @ 1 rep max bench press.
    Side effects- aside from antsy- none. Usual hex reactions.
    Hip circumference: -1/4". Scaled weight: same.
    Holistic sense of well being: good. Energy- positive.
    Sleep- good. dreamy. Wakefulness - good. mental acuity good.

    Week 4:
    Ramp down.
    Strength remained same.
    Sense of well being same. Energy- same: good positive.
    Fatloss- none noted/same circumference. however a slight increase in scaled weight.
    Experiement results: synergistic recomp value. +5 lb bench press.
    Benchpress 1 rep max @ 170 lbs.
    NOTE: the addition of cyclotren did not hinder cycling routine.

    August 2009:

    No noted differences in strength: read- same @ 170.
    Weight still up a bit, however based on circumference measurements, this seems to be muscle.
    NOTE: despite the incremental decrease of 1/4" weight has not significantly dropped. eg: this possess value for a recomp. ~15-20 lbs over the course of almost 3 years (avergaes to about 6lbs/year).
    Fatloss- just a little looser on that tape. However no 1/4". Regardless, the progress is slow, but progress is GOOD. Retained muscle-fullness.

    Sept 2009:
    Strength still up. 1 rep bench max still @ 170 lbs.
    Fat loss: holding steady @ ~140 lbs. (just over).
    Sides: none other than soreness in forearm (for the morning) and tightness in chest for a few minutes post administration. Water retention over the last several months- none except during THAT time, which is nothing out of the ordinary. Menstrual flow analysis- light, regular. PMS- same.

    Final thoughts. "Riding off into the sunset with Hex."
    Recomp value- strength gains stayed same/slightly increased (not including cyclotren assessment). fat loss: noticeable changes. Musculature (according to mirror assessment): increased tone. Stamina/Energy- great. Holistic/sense of well being: good.
    Good sleep. Good dreams.
  17. Hexarella and the pMGFemale

    A Log exploring pMGF + Hex.

    Gentlemen have been discussing pMGF usage at length, as there is controversy as to how it works, dosage schemes, timing, etc. The best logic was explained by Dat ( on another board. And early pioneered theories laid out by Grunt76 and logged by comacho.

    This body of evidence suggests a highly theoretical, anecdotal, and scientific foundation of information to extrapolate from.

    1.MGF behaves much like IGF on a systemic level, binding to IGF receptors. Hence why people see fat loss, long term muscle gain.
    2.MGF behaves like MGF in muscle tissue (activating satellite cell signaling) - people report painful DOMS, due to this. (evidence from anecdotal/user reports) Also causes muscle swelling- people report great immediate gains- however they dissipate after termination of MGF cycle - theory is that the newly formed cells do not fuse, and die. Thus implying incorrect long term timing.
    3.MGF in some experimental studies MGF has been shown to be a neuroprotective agent. Helping brain cell damage. (citation needed)
    4.MGF helps cardiac recovery after ischemia.
    5.MGF does inhibit IGF binding to receptor cells- so chronically elevated levels of MGF is not a good thing when considering skeleto-muscular development.
    6. Considering dosages- it is safe to assume that MGF binds less strongly to IGF receptors.

    Timing schemes have ranged from preWO, intraWO, pWO, 48-36 hours before, 12 hours before to as soon as 2 hours before.
    >This trial will be using 12 hours before, and 2 hours before dosing.
    >WO schedule is biweekly (Monday and Friday). Consisting of pull day and push day workouts.
    Cardio: swimming. daily.

    It is common consensus to take high dosages. However it is not endorsed here- moderately conservative dosages are more prudent, and thus will be followed.
    Generally gentlemen have used between 200-500 biweekly IM administrations.
    Assuming a male is 200 lbs (roughly 90kg)- the dosing range is suggested to be: 2mcg/kg-5mcg/kg. Using that same proportionate system- the starting dosage in this experiment would be 120mcg. +/- 20mcg.
    (First dose/test dose- 100mcg, highest dose administered would be 150 mcg). (~2mcg/kg - 2.5 mcg/kg).

    Long term timing: many months. cumulative effects will be observed.

    Hexarelin: Scientific research established the GH secreting and IGF level raising effects of Hex. dosage 20mcg (0.3 mcg/kg) 4 on 3 off. dosage can be ramped downward to 10 mcg/kg. Anecdotally research on males has shown a low dose of 20mcg GHRP6 to be effective. Hexarelin is more potent than ghrp6. and women weigh less than men. A continuation of exploring low dosage protocols. Studies also suggest non-regular dosing schemes help prevent physiological adaptation. Purported role: synergistic pairing to MGF.


    Sun + Thu: pMGF
    Mon-Wed, Fri: Hex

    Other supplements:
    1. T3 (prescribed)
    2. I3C + Calcium D Glucarate
    3. Fish Oils
    4. Adam (yes, MEN'S) multivitamin
    5. Transdermal oxo-DHEA blend (15mg)
    6. Green Tea
    7. PreWO beverage of choice

    Observing: enhanced recompositioning effects. Qualified by scaled weight, tape measure, mirror assesments. Holistic well-being, mental acuity.

  18. 8pm - Test shot 100 mcg. Anterior Delts
    Workout: Off Day (Test shots always on a off day to assess sides)
    Sides: none per se. a little soreness in the Anterior Delts, symptoms of lowered blood sugar- however not hypo. definately NOT like IGF-1 hypo. Drank OJ. It went away. Did not recur.
    Sleep: ok. awoke with a bit extra energy.

    Reconsidered timing schedule:

    Sun (hex-AM)(pMGF-PM)
    Mon (nothing) - WO
    Tue (hex)
    Wed (hex)
    Thu (pMGF)
    Fri (nothing)-WO
    Sat (hex)

    Logic: because hex is administered in the AM- and pMGF in the afternoon or PM. it is illogical to administer hex the morning after a pMGF shot, since no workout had taken place. Therefore: pMGF the day before + hex the morning after a WO.

    Had preWO blend of choice (drank everyday- with morning supps or preWO). It contains a blood sugar dropper.......low blood sugar symptoms are felt, moreso than the night before- brain fog, dizziness. Quickly administered honey. symptoms ameliorated. Note: if using an aditional insulinomimetic substance, please monitor blood sugar, as levels can be noticeably affected. It is better to switch products- that does not contain any such compounds. Being that pMGF is long lasting, glucose/insulin sensitivity lasts into the next day. If one is on a lo/no carb diet- perhaps a change in diet might be something to coinsider especially if one is sesitive to sugars/effects of insulin.

    Invested in COSCO sized honeybear jar that looks more like a grizzly bear actually.....

  19. PWO notes:
    intense-pronounced pump. endurance good. push day- anterior delts markedly sorer than other muscle groups. vascularity- same.
    Energy: very good. had energy all day.
    Holistic Quality- well being: Very good.
    Mental acuity: great. mental focus and sharpness were great.
    Mirror Asessment: Ant Delts look visibly enlarged.
    Blood glucose reading - after pWO shake and a coffee (with milk) - 137. Which is normal reading for me 30 min after eating.

  20. 2 week update:
    Anterior delts remained sore. straight into the next week. on Pull day they suffered (noticed a muscular imbalance- rear delts, medial delts are considerably stronger than anterior delts, and thus are subject to awkward strains in reverse motions).
    Vascularity in anterior delts was very pronounced, the irony being that no veins are visible anywhere else, despite a lean body composition.
    Anterior delts remained looking fuller than before.
    Rear deltoid application- dosage: same as test dosage, no need to increase- produced immediate site soreness. This administration happened one day prior working out rather than the 12 hour window. Gym - the soreness was less pronounced, however endurance and energy on all pull group workouts was noticeably longer. Strength also up. There was no pronounced DOMS, or PWO soreness as the prior administration, however- muscles were "pumped" all day. In regards to the hypo-like symptoms, a blood glucose reading 30 min post administration (still in a fasted state) was taken: 99 ng/dl. Meaning- NOT hypo.
    Overall energy: excellent.
    Holistic well being: excellent- calm peaceful positive.
    Mental Acuity: sharp. focused.
    Fat loss- mirror assessment- pants fit looser around thigh area. Ribs and serratus muscles are slightly more visible at end of week two.
    Medial Delt application- side effects: Site soreness, no other adverse effects.
    Administered same day as workout. PWO muscle soreness noted. Pump- painful.
    Visual assessment: produced a nice roundness.
    Energy/Endurance/Strength: elevated, great.
    Holistic Well Being/ Motivation: great, positive, calm.
    Metal Acuity: sharp. focused.
    Fat loss: -1/4" waist circumference.
    Anterior delt administration #2: target group, - speed growth, minimize damage that can be possibly accrued from muscle imbalance. Muscle group appears a little fuller prior to the administration protocol. This is promising.
    Hex. still administered day after WO. 20 mcg. Seems to work synergistically.

    Week Three:
    dosage: same, test dosage 100 mcg split 50/50 bi lat. This will be the ongoing dosage until further notice. As goal is not massive gains, but rather a cumulative approach over time, low doses are suitable. With that note, I think it is an error with most who use peptides to do so in large quantities. They are not AAS, they will not give you those gains, even if you want to dose high and short. That logic does not apply to peptides: here it is low, slow and long ensuring safer and more prudent protocols with the most effective results. In peptide land- the rule of diminishing gains and side-effects (albeit not necessarily as severe as other things) is one that should not be taken lightly... less is definately more... so this may not be for those who looking for impatient gains.

    rear delts-
    Sinus headache (common occurrence) pre-administration. Administration did not help. headache remained all day.
    no proper assessments were made. no other side effects were reported.
    medial delts-
    updates: stable- good. nothing new to report. strength is good, elevated, however not consistently increasing. It seems that strength is a function of endurance in this model.
    Endurance is steady, and slowly incrementally increasing.


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