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You need to maybe pay more attention to what's going on. We've had 47 deaths in AZ related to H1N1. Nearly everyone I know has had it..especially my friends associated with health care. It's active in my daughter's daycare.
What part of AZ are you in? There hasn't been a single confirmed case on my university's campus. I'm sure if I go out of my way to look for cases I could find them but I figure if it was a big enough problem where I live I would a)be hearing of many more cases b)know someone or even know someone's cousin's sister's aunt's boyfriend's hair stylist who has it but I haven't even experienced that. Just wondering if you live in the scottsdale/paradise valley area or glendale(where my campus is)?
My mother also is a nurse in a retirement/assisted living home(in Scottsdale) and there have been no incidents there, thankfully.
The distinction between the symptoms of H1N1 and regular flu seem unclear as well.
And you say nearly everyone you know has had it...Since you didn't say otherwise I'm assuming they are over it and fine now? So I don't see a need to panic. Obviously the elderly and young should be more careful and those that work in healthcare but I am neither and left my job at Banner months ago. I already worry about enough crap as it is, I don't see any benefit in getting myself worked up here. I'll continue to wash my hands frequently, eat well, exercise, take vitamins, etc etc and if I get it I get it...