Hypothyroid and losing weight

  1. Hypothyroid and losing weight

    My wife was hyperthyroid, the docs radiated her and now she is hypothyroid. Her metabolism and and thyroid are controlled by meds. She eats healthy and exercises but she keeps gaining weight. Not a lot but it makes her unhappy.

    Is it safe to assume that ny supplements will affect her thyroid and mess with the meds?

    The docs say her thyroid is normal with the meds she takes but if they are anything like my doc and my test levels they are full of crap. I actually had words with her last endo. I almost lost it on her but that is another story and she was promptly fired.

    Anyway, suggestions? She does an hour of Zumba and three days of light lifting and HIIT a week plus she runs her but off at work (and at home taking care of me and the kids). I just want to help he achieve her goals. She doesn't want to lose much 10-15lbs and tone up. She used to have a six pack, then came the baby... The mmuscle is still there I can tell.

    It is different for me than it is for her, I try to be supportive and give advise where I can but my goals are a bit different being a man and all...

    Advice? Thanks.

  2. always check with your doctor before starting any new products

  3. Your wife can request to see her lab results; I would tell her to see what her T3 & T4 are like. I would hope that the doc has them controlled in normal ranges. As for supplements interacting with her meds, what were you thinking of having her try?

  4. Yeah if her docs have her on enough levothyroxine or whatever they are giving out these days, to keep her thyroid at normal levels then she should be able to lose fat without a real problem. Check with your doc like steve said you can also look into a few diff supps to help with metabolism. Tyrosine+kelp+PEA+Adrenal glandular+B vitamins have been used with some success to help boost thyroid function, but then again whatever your doc is prescribing should be enough another supp on top of that though may help a little bit if her thyroid is not yet at normal functioning levels.

  5. This is hands down the best site for thyroid and adrenal issues. Unfortunately most Dr. only look at TSH when diagnosis/treating thyroid issues.


  6. Genuine Hoodia (if there is such a thing). Just hits the glucose receptors in the brain supposedly giving insane loss of appetite. If its genuine you'll alot for it though. Now banned from export so genuine stock will only increase in price.

  7. im a male that is hypothroid. the best treatment is to take cytomel and synthroid together. for example i take 150mcg synthroid and 50mcg cytomel

  8. I am hypothyroid as well- a female. and on Meds.

    Is she allowed to eat Iodine/Kelp?

    If she had her thyroid radiated and then resupplemented you should be careful, as you know she is completely dependent on the meds to make her thyroid work- so you need to take extra care when looking into supplementation. My opinion based on your post is to look into the different pharmacological actions of some of these stimulants so that they dont interact negatively with her thyroid. In my experience I would avoid common thyrogenics such as forskolin and guggul, or anything that stimulates TSH/ regulates thyroid functioning.

    I would also suggest using stimulant free formulas/repartitioning agents- if she is sensitive.
    ALCAR, a PPAR modulator, Raspberry Ketones, or other MILD thermogenics, a higher dose of Green Tea (it is a mild uncoupler) B vitamins as suggested, maybe a cortisol lowering comound such as PS, or arginine. I have found that 7-keto + my meds is effective, however it is thyrogenic, so I would be weary to directly suggest it to anyone else due to the potential fluctuations.

    Ketogenic diets / low carb+low fat high protein + veggie diets have worked for me in regards to physique management.

    as far as beta-adrenergic compounds.... Im not sure how effective they would be for her...

    Fat cell beta-adrenergic receptor in the hypothyroid rat. Impaired interaction with the stimulatory regulatory component of adenylate cyclase.

    1. C C Malbon,
    2. M P Graziano and
    3. G L Johnson


    Fat cells from the hypothyroid rat fail to synthesize cyclic AMP in response to beta-adrenergic agonists, although possessing normal amounts of beta-adrenergic receptors (R) and catalytic adenylate cyclase activity. Membranes of hypothyroid rat fat cells contain Mr = 42,000 (major form), 46,0000, and 48,000 (minor forms) peptides of the stimulatory guanine nucleotide-binding regulatory component (Ns) radiolabeled in the presence of cholera toxin and [32P]NAD+. Maps of fragments generated by partial proteolysis of these radiolabeled peptides are virtually identical in hypothyroid and euthyroid preparations. Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis showed that the size and charge of the Mr = 42,000, 46,000, and 48,000 radiolabeled peptides are similar in euthyroid and hypothyroid rat fat cell membranes. Extracts of hypothyroid rat fat cell membranes express normal amounts of Ns activity as measured by their ability to reconstitute the adenylate cyclase of membranes of S49 mouse lymphoma cyc- mutant cells which lack functional Ns activity. Hybridization of hypothyroid rat fat cells with donor membranes of normal rat fat cells, rat hepatocytes, or S49 cyc- cells restores the beta-adrenergic response of these fat cells. Pretreating the donor membranes with a beta-adrenergic antagonist covalent label blocks the ability of these membranes to restore the response of the cells. Rat hepatocytes pretreated with a beta-adrenergic antagonist covalent label do not accumulate cyclic AMP in response to isoproterenol. Hybridization of these receptor-deficient hepatocytes with fat cell ghosts of euthyroid rats restores beta-adrenergic stimulation of cyclic AMP accumulation, whereas hybridization with fat cell ghosts of hypothyroid rat does not restore this response. Ns of pigeon erythrocyte membranes radiolabeled with cholera toxin and [32P]NAD+, extracted in cholate, and reconstituted with fat cell membranes interacts with fat cell R. The ability of R to interact with Ns of pigeon erythrocyte membranes is impaired when the reconstitution is performed with membranes from the hypothyroid rat fat cell. Hypothyroidism appears to affect the ability of R to interact productively with Ns, without affecting either R number or Ns structure and function.


  9. I have hyperthyroidism, but since I'm taking meds already, I'm starting to gain weight. You have to consult your doctor before taking supplements. As for what my doctor advised, it is better to just lessen my food intake and really exercise. It's the only way to keep the weight off. It's very hard to do, though. I admit.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by orangerain View Post
    I have hyperthyroidism, but since I'm taking meds already, I'm starting to gain weight. You have to consult your doctor before taking supplements. As for what my doctor advised, it is better to just lessen my food intake and really exercise. It's the only way to keep the weight off. It's very hard to do, though. I admit.
    Hyperthyroidism is at the opposite end of the spectrum from hypothyroidism, and if you have the former, then if shouldn't really matter too much what you ate, as your thyroid would always be active.

    For those who have hypothyroidism I would not recommend decreasing calories AND increasing exercise levels. Over the both I would say increase your activity level, as this will help increase your metabolism (decreasing calories is more likely to slow your metabolism, especially if you go ridiculously low).

    Team APPNUT
    Writer Athlete Coach
    Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose.

  11. i am hypothyroid.

    to lose weight while being hypothyroid you need both hormones t4 and t3 together

    i take 150mcg of t4 (synthroid)
    and 32.5 of t3 (cytomel)

    the combo is killer and i can eat for days w/o gaining weight

  12. My wife takes both of those as well. 100mcgs of synthroid don't know the other.


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