The Importance of Transcription in the Age of Electronic Health Records

  1. The Importance of Transcription in the Age of Electronic Health Records

    An electronic health record (EHR) refers to an individual patient's medical record in digital format. Electronic health record systems co-ordinate the storage and retrieval of individual records with the aid of computers. EHRs are usually accessed on a computer, often over a network.

    It may be made up of electronic medical records (EMRs) from many locations and/or sources. Among the many forms of data often included in EMRs are patient demographics, medical history, medicine and allergy lists (including immunization status), and laboratory test results, radiology images, billing records and advanced directives.
    An electronic medical record is a data system where other providers in the practice, clinic, or facility can view patient information by pulling up the records. Regardless of how the patient information is put into the record, an MT or medical language specialist ensures that the information provided is correct and accurate.
    Accessing patient information and medical histories from a handheld device or desktop computer gives physicians, clinicians, and office personnel instant access to the information they need without searching through paper files. EHRs help to streamline clinical workflow, leading to improved patient care, reduced practice operating costs, and increased billing opportunities.

    The advantage of medical transcription combined with electronic medical records is that it will allow other health care providers to access the record more promptly and efficiently. The advantage to the transcriptionist would be that there would be less typing actually required and should allow them to work more efficiently.

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    The most important thing to me is that my wife is a transcriptionist and these voice recognition systems are slowing putting her out of a job..

  3. So much for doctor patient confidentiality.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by DAdams91982 View Post
    So much for doctor patient confidentiality.
    I definitely understand your sentiments, D. From a treatment stand point though, it's a good thing. We're almost completely moved into computer charting right now (in the E.R. though they'll always be some form of paper charting). I honestly hate it (because it can be VERY time consuming), but it helps to coordinate continuity of care more efficiently (especially with an emergent situation).

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