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  1. Anavar is not sold by bulknutrition and does not come in any capsules nor is it labeled with tryptophan or any other substances in it. You got a prohormone.

  2. ok sorry i shall make sure i read the rules and will not make this mistake again,,sorry guys!

  3. ok i am sorry, i will read through the rules more thoroughly , i am not trying to advertise or anything,just solicit advice. sorry.

  4. I realize that this thread is old, but I thought I'd chime in anyhow. I got ripped off by British Dragon Gear (not to be confused with British Dragon) when I got my Anvar-10. The first ingredient is indeed serotonin. It's secreted in your gut to help with motabolism. It's also an over-the-counter pill, and rather inexpensive. The next two ingredients are in the B-Vitamin family. The next major ingredient is rice flour. Yes, it's a rip off.

    I thought that the Anvar-10 worked too, but then again, I was really watching what I ate, I was swimming, and I was working out like a mofo. The loss of body fat, and the gains in muscle hardness had nothing to do with the Anvar-10. It was all what I was eating and doing at the gym. Nothing more.


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