:)supplements for my mom (advice needed please)

  1. :)supplements for my mom (advice needed please)

    I was hoping for any recommendations for supplements that I could get my mother to start taking. She's 58 and is doing really well on her South Beach diet with a total of 19lbs lost so far. However she has been taking pain meds for a while now for her shoulder. She's lowered her cholesteral by cutting out most red meat and incorporating oat meal into her diet as well as white meats and veggies. She is not able to get exercise in yet due to the pain but that will hopefully change with time.
    She's taking:
    Resveratrol (the advertised brand via oprah)
    Alpha Lipoic Acid 150mg
    ShellFish Free Glucosamine
    Flaxseed oil
    Milk Thistle 300mg
    Daily Vitamin (not sure the brand)

    I'd like to get her some other antioxidants and maybe some cleansing type herbs or general support celery seed, acai, msm, toco's etc, but I'm not sure whats beneficial and whats harmful. Any ideas and feedback are very very much appreciated. Also a quality daily vitamin that anyone could vouch for.

    Thank you,

  2. Why not get her some Cissus for her shoulder and fish oil.Msm compliments glucosomine like wise chrondrotion (spelling may be wrong)

    Acetyl l carnitine can be taken with alpha lipoic acid , you may find a supplement with them both in.

    Solgar do a range of vitamins/minerals also "Now ."

  3. Definitely some green tea extract. Does she have high cholesterol? Niacin and Red Yeast Rice may be good options in this case. Acai , is a great antioxidant, as is ALA (which she is taking), Vit C, grapeseed extract, etc.

    As for joint pain, there are a few different routes she can try. Glucosamin and Chondroitin HCl was found to be effective only in cases of severse arthritis in a recent study, however this coupled with MSM might be a good idea. Also many users have reported great results from various Cissus extracts. Lastly, Celadrin has yielded great results for my parents when cissus did not, so I would try some of these supplements to alleviate the pain. Omega-3's are anti-inflammatory which should also help.

  4. Awesome thank you. Whats a good dosage for omega 3 in her case?
    And the doctor recommended flax over fish oil possibly because of the fat or cholesteral.

  5. Not high cholesterol in fish oil and they both have healthy fats that you want; I would suggest she buy some flax seeds and grind them in a coffee grinder, then store them in the fridge. Great to sprinkle on yogurt, cottage cheese, etc (be creative )

    I would say ~6 caps of a standard 180/120mg EPA/DHA would be a good target. 3 with breakfast and dinner, more is preferable. If she stores them in the fridge, she shouldnt experience fish-burps.

  6. You're right about the fish oil. Doc actually insisted fish over flax.. i had it backwards.
    You guys know of or find any problem with getting her a cissus, celadrin, msm, glucosamine stack?
    Also her cholesterol is way down now and we think its the resveratrol, ALA, and dieting


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