Better Than Steroids

  1. Better Than Steroids

    I bought the Ebook of Better than Steroids by Dr. Warren Wiley, thinking he knew something I didn't. But alas, I fell for the trap and although it was a great read, it was filled with things I already knew and are applying to my life. For beginners it's a great book, it has charts, keto, how and what to eat before and after workout, what to avoid and his own views as a doctor on steroid use and how to achieve the same results without it.

    MOD EDIT: Why copy protect an ebook?

    This book is a lot like Fit for Life, if anyone remembers those books.

    P.S. if you print this out at work like I did on a laser printer, it's pretty cool. Cool cover and you can bind it later.

    Anyway, enjoy to those who do get it and hope it helps. I still picked up some tips despite the redundancy of it.

  2. I'd love get a copy, but I haven't posted enough to send you a PM, lol. I'll have to post a few more times somewhere then try again.

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