To Anavar or Not

  1. To Anavar or Not

    Hi everyone. Quick long question.

    I'm not new to bodybuilding but new to anabolics.

    Stats: 175lb, 20% BF, 5'6 --- think off season gladiator.
    Bench: 70lb
    Curl: 70lb
    Leg Press: 270lb

    I'm back into it after a long break and I have to shred off 20lbs and bring my BF level down drastically. I have a lot of upper body strength and legs. I have to shred down my abs.

    I don't know whether I should begin a cycle right now of Anavar 10mg a day or wait till June when I shred off more.

    The cycle should be 10mg a day, broken up in 2, 5mg doses right? For 6 weeks??

    The other question is this, I have an atrophied kidney, still in me, just not doing it's job very well anymore. I'm 36 and I haven't any probs and am healthy. Is the Anavar even at a low dose going to affect me adversely? Should I not risk it and just drink my protein shake and shut up or will it be ok?

    Thank you in advance for any feedback.

  2. I would wait till later to use the anavar, after you've already lost a few bf%'s, that way you will really be able to dial in.
    As far as the kidney issue you should really talk to a doctor about that. I know most will tell you not take the gear but if you know one who is level-headed and realizes that you are going to take gear, maybe he/she would offer you advice off the record.

  3. Thank you Pete, I will take both points and schedule an appt this week w/my dr, it will help too to also get a count on everything and then also wait to cycle if I get a green light from him in June. Makes perfect sense. Thanks A lot !!

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