Clen and Women

  1. Clen and Women

    which non-competitive and competitive females have used Clen solo, or with Anavar.

    Let me know your experiences and what dose you were on.

  2. Hey DT, I posted this on 4/20 on a different forum thought it might help:

    Weight: 147
    Height: 5'3"
    BF %: 16%

    Dosage Plan: (I am on my 7th day, starting week 2)
    5 weeks on clen

    Week 1: 10,20,20,30,40,40,60
    Week 2: 60,70,70,80,80,90, 100?? I'm not sure what my tolerance will be by the 2nd week.
    Week 3: Start on benadryl and continue with 100mcgs for the entire week.
    Week 4: Come off benadryl and reasess my dosage tolerance- beta-receptors will be downgraded. May start with 60mcgs. Take clen for 7 days
    Week 5: Take clen for 7 days. Dosage unknown- it will be contingent on my tolerance level.

    Diet: Stay in 500-1000 calorie deficit from maintenance per day. Ratios P-C-F = 25%-50%-25%
    Reasoning for ratios: I noticed that I get leaner and less hungry on a lower fat/higher carb diet. I have way more energy, my muscles stay full and tight, I'm in a better mood, and even though my protein is lower I keep gaining strength and muscle. My max bench is the same amount as when I started dieting 4 weeks ago (165lb). My carbs sources ALL come from vegetables, including the starches. Once in awhile I will eat some Ezekiel bread or oatmeal because I loooove the taste!
    Carb sources: sweet potatoes, butternut squash, anything green, acorn squash, spaghetti squash(yummmmmy!), bananas, cantaloupe, blueberries,
    Protein sources: chicken, eggs, turkey, Greek yogurt (sometimes- if you don't know what it is I suggest you look into it because it has 23g of protein per 1 cup, 9g of carb, 0g of fat)
    Fat sources: egg yolks, walnut oil, almonds, (I can't keep peanut butter in the house, I will go into binge eating mode. I tell my roommate to hide his peanut butter when I cut. Lol)

    Cardio: 5 days- Alternate low impact and high impact cardio (running and road cycling). Cardio consists of 30-60 minutes of intense work. I keep the workouts different every time. I make sure my heart rate stays above 165 for most of the time. I want to improve my VO2 max and get faster. I'm going to be a Marine Corps Officer. I start school May 29th and I want to kick all the guys' butts .

    Weights: M-W-F upper body. T-Th lower body. I lift super heavy with shoulders, chest, and back 6-10 reps. I lift lighter for arms because I get a better pump. More blood fills my arms when I keep rep ranges 12-20. I lift with a very high volume when I train legs-very high weight and moderately high reps. I'm short, so if I train legs heavy with more than 1 minute rest in between, my legs blow up! I add in plyometrics on one of those leg days. It keeps my legs slightly larger, cut, and lean like a gymnast.

    That's my plan for the next 4 weeks. I'm done with week one. I have re-feed days 1-2 time per week. I just pay attention to my body. If I feel like I can't concentrate and my muscles are getting really really flat, I'll add in a re-feed. Re-feed days I just cut back on my fat and increase my carbs. I keep protein the same.

    The plan is definitely working so far. I can see my serratus and oblique muscles coming out and the veins in my abs are trying so hard to pop out! I can't wait to see what I look like in a week. I'll keep you guys posted if ya want. If anyone has suggestions, by all means, suggest away. I love learning new tricks of the trade.

    Yeah russian I would never touch T3. I don't have sources for var or i'd cycle it with my clen.

  3. Are you helping a female run a cycle?

  4. Do a ladder run probably the best way to go about it and for women that usually means no more than about 80 at most so you would run it 10/10/20/20/20/40.....80/80/80/60...back down you get it like a 21day ladder i heard is the most effective i mean i'm not a woman but i know some and thats how they did it and it worked well for them.

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