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    Looking for some guidance on how to make the most of my hard work. Work smarted, not harder. Right?

    I have seen some fat loss over the last month since starting Leviathan and Incarnate, but don't want to be counterproductive.

    I am in the Army Reserves military and currently deployed and working on overall fat loss and building muscle. Keep in mind that still have to be able to do timed situps and pushups (max in 2 min each), and a 2 mile run (16min30sec goal).
    Tested two weeks ago with 57 pushups, 80 situps, and 18:30 something 2 mile run (was on a 8min/mile pace but with 1/4mile left I had a horrible cramp in my side and chest and had to walk for about 1.5 min to make sure I wasn't dying. I think I either pulle da muscle during the situps or just pushed too hard during the run). I paced someone that wanted to get 18min and we ended up at 17:20 even with 2 x walk for a couple of seconds before I could get her going again. No QUITING.

    Anyway this is my current exercise/supplement/meal schedule with pertinent measurements and I am open to ANY comments and suggestions. Thanks! Times are military times and I work the night shift thats 1900-0700. Yes a 12 hour shift, 7 days a week. Our meals are another story. Everything on the main line is either deep-fried or covered in gravy or some other sauce. So I try to stick to the healthiest. We do have lettuce and salad and stuff but that does not hold be over for more than an hour. I stick to stirfry. They do spray the flattop grill with some oil but it's not too bad (I don't think).

    27 yrs old female
    170-175 lbs (varies depending on time of day and time of month)
    According to the army for my height I am "allowed" to weigh 166 lbs if I am over then there is a tape test. That measures body fat percentage. Measurements taken are neck, thinnest part of waist, and hips. My measurements as of two weeks ago were 14" neck, 31.5" waist, and 41.5" hips.
    Also according to military I have 31% bodyfat - allowed 32%.

    1730 (5:30pm) wake up shower.
    1830 (6:30pm) dressed and drink one serving 100% ON Whey Protein (soon to be ON Pro Complex) then on to work
    1930 (7:30pm) 2 x leviathan
    2030 (8:30pm) meal: stirfry - chix or shrimp, bean sprouts, cabbage, mushrooms, soysauce
    2330 (11:30pm) 2 x leviathan
    0030 (12:30am) stairs exercise (wear body armor while climbing stairs where I work) climb about 3 floors walk to other staircase and go down the back over to the "up" stairs and to the "down" stairs. I've worked up to 9 interations of this which takes about 18min 2min/iteration.
    0100 (1:00am) meal: stirfry again (same as above)
    0230 (2:30am) 3 x incarnate
    0300 (3:00am) gym Mon&Thur(Chest/Tri), Tue&Fri(Back/Bi), Wed&Sat(Leg,Shldr), Sun(Abs/lowerback) rest as needed and depending on work schedule but I really try to stick to this schedule. If I need a break I will skip out on the stairs or cardio for the day.
    0400 (4:00am) 3 x incarnate w/100% ON Whey Protein (soon to be ON Pro Complex)
    0730 (7:30am) cardio (25min, 30/60s HIIT on elliptical, w/2min warm up and 2min cool down)
    0930 (9:30am) Syntha 6 (soon to be ON Pro Complex)
    1030-1100 sleep

    Weights are pretty much max that I can do 12-15 reps x 4 sets.
    Sometimes my work does not allow me to go to the gym. In that case I will do weights then cardio all after work and move the incarnate to before and after gym session.

    Also just ordered ON Pro Complex Protein for 1830, 0400, and pre bedtime drinks. I wanted a more versatile drink mix and not have 2-3 diff. mixes going. (no room in the office)

    I'll take anything you can give. Also if I left out any information let me know...
    Thanks! Ang

  2. A sample Dining Facility (DFAC) menu (the calorie count is for about half the serving size that they give us. Most of the time I have no idea what the serving size is.)

    Baked Bacon (88 cal)
    Creamed Beef (214 cal)
    Pork Sausage (265 cal)
    Turkey Sausage (265 cal)
    Grilled Ham Slices (140 cal)
    Breakfast Burritos (303 cal)
    Assorted Omelets (198 cal)
    Scrambled Eggs (144 cal)
    Hash Brown (175 cal)
    Breakfast Rice (148 cal)
    Breakfast Sandwich (355 cal)
    Grits (84 cal)
    Oatmeal (106 cal)
    Pancakes (253 cal)
    French Toast (206 cal)

    Cream of Broccoli Soup (128 cal)
    Shrimp Alfredo
    Roast Turkey (257cal)
    Mashed Potato (105 cal)
    Steamed Rice (148 cal)
    Bread Dressing ( 218 cal)
    Seasoned Green Peas (103 cal)
    O`Brien Potatoes (105cal)
    Corn O`Brien (136 cal)
    Turkey Gravy (74 cal)
    Baked Ham (Carved) (257 cal)

    Cream of Broccoli Soup (128 cal)
    Shrimp Creole (319 cal)
    Breaded Pork Chops (326 cal)
    Steamed Rice (148 cal)
    Mashed Potatoes (150 cal)
    Herbed Broccoli (38 cal)
    California Blend Vegetables (78 cal)
    Onion Gravy (73 cal)
    Baked Ham (Carved) (257 cal)

    Lunch/Dinner Short Order
    Hamburger/Cheeseburger (294/400 cal)
    Frankfurters (262 cal)
    Grilled Sandwiches (411 cal)
    Philly Cheese Sandwich (475 cal)
    Baked Beans (139 cal)
    Turkey Wings (lunch)
    Chicken Tenders (421 cal)
    Corn Dogs (258 cal)
    Beef Kabobs (Dinner)
    Egg Rolls (180 cal)
    Turkey Cutlet (179 cal)
    French Fries (265 cal)
    Onion Rings (274 cal)

  3. What is your job over there? As a fellow soldier I do not believe in the tape test at all.One person can tape me and come up with a number while another person tapes me and they can get a completley different reading.The tape test is not accurate.You could try a 3 low/1 high carb cycle diet.It looks like you have some decent options from the chow hall just stay away from the MREs.Maybe Crader will chime in and give you further help or shoot her a PM.

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