Help for a friend?

  1. Help for a friend?

    Ok i know this isnt exactly where i belong, but im trying to help my friend out. She just started having some really weird problems and being i guy idk what to do, so i came here to see if you all had any expirience that could help her.

    Shes 16, about 5'2" i have no idea how much she weighs but shes not fat, my guess is around 100. Shes pretty muscular and plays alot of volley ball. She also has a thyroid problem and takes hormone supplements for that.
    It just hit the little off season before normal practices start again so she wanted to blast her excess fat away with her own workout. At first she saw great results and was loosing her fat. But in the last few days shes lost all of it. She tells me shes totally upset by what she sees in the mirror, and she went to try on new swimsuits and stopped after the first one out of almost disgust. Also she says after her fat burning spree her breats basically deflated, and she wants them back.
    She does about an hour of cardio(running, jump rope, etc) and then an hour of assorted excersises(crunches, squats, shoulder exercises). I cant tell you everything cause i dont know for sure, but she is really active.
    She drink ALOT of water so shes good on that, but she doesn't eat alot, she says she maybe gets around 1k calories a day.

    Niether of us can figure out why this is happening. We think it might be her thyroid problem doing something weird, but we wouldn't know, its just a guess. Any advice or suggestions would be great.

  2. What are you tying to figure out? She lost her breasts because if you are already thin and you try to lose bodyfat thats one of the places it usually comes of sadly.

    If she is that active she needs to be eating at least 6 protein heavy meals a day. Her body has probably went in a starvation mode and is holding on to the last of her bodyfat.

    However it sounds to me like she has body dysmorphia and an unhealthy outlook on her body. At 16 and for her height and weight she sounds like she looks great.

  3. I doubt very seriously she has a thryoid issue if she is only 100lbs....irrespective of that, as crader said, the breasts are adipose tissue and they will get smaller when you lose weight and likewise bigger if you gain a decent amount of weight.


  4. Shes trying to figure out why she still has fat even after working out. Crader's idea of starvation mode may be it, she really doesn't eat much, but shes not the kinda girl who has some unreal expectation of her body so i dont think its that. and on the 100 pounds thing, i still dont know how much she weighs exactly, it may be more so dont base everything off of just 100lbs.

    Also she knows she lost her breastage because of her cardio, she was just looking for a way to get them back w/o gaining more fat.

  5. LOL there are no ways to get them back minus plastic surgery without gaining the weight back.

    She needs to increase her meals if she wants to gain muscle and lose fat.

  6. I agree she's not eating enough. she needs to add enough protein in her diet and yes it's true when someone who s already thin loses fat it comes off the breasts usually first.

  7. Thanks for the help. Ill let her know what you guys said, im sure she'll appreciate it.


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