abb exercises

  1. abb exercises

    I am curious as to what different types of abb exercises everyone does. I have lost quite a bit of weight now I am wondering what exercises can help best to continue to lose more weight around the stomach? Maybe someone can give me a sample diet or some exercises every little bit will help.

    My current stats are that I am between 230 and 235
    I am 6'5 and about 15% body fat. 4 months ago I started out at 26%

  2. You cant really target a part of the body to loose fat around. your body will burn fat where it wants to. you can make your ab muscles bigger and stronger tho.

  3. One of the quickest ways to help define your midsection would be to intergrate some high intensity sprinting into your workouts.

  4. HIIT, Hanging Knee Raises w/ weight, decline situps, im not too experienced with diet, other than eat healthy, IMO get enough protein and manage your carbs/fat, no carbs before bed. if you want a strong core, deadlifts will help, even squats, cleans. Main thing for losin fat would be the HIIT in my opinion. burn it off. then the ab exercises would help bring out the abs as the fat melts away.

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