Overpowering Chest...To much of a good thing CAN be bad

  1. Overpowering Chest...To much of a good thing CAN be bad

    The chest. One of the most popular muscles to over train and constantly worry about if you don't feel it is developing at a pace you agree with. Everyday at the gym you can see an array of newbies who have been doing the same thing everyday for the past month as well as seasoned vet's pushing that 300+ lb mark on the bench. It seems as if for decades, the chest has been the most sought after muscle in bodybuilding. However, for me this is not the case.

    I have always had a larger than average chest as soon as i hit puberty and my stringbean muscles started semi-growing naturally. I was just like every other newbie hitting bench as hard as i could when first starting out however I learned perfect form right from the beginning. I feel this has what has made it so easy for my chest to grow to a size which i now feel is overpowering my whole body.

    I still train chest to this day because A) I would feel very awkward just leaving it out of my workout routines. and B) Because I still would like to have a big chest, just not one which is unproportional to the rest of my muscle groups. However, when i have people saying "dude, you have a big ass chest, they look like tits" as well as girls saying the same thing about my hard as a rock, yet "titty-looking" chest It makes me double think about how I am training and what i want to accomplish"

    Another thing is that I have weird places i tend to store fat first. My CHEST and my FACE are two of them. These are also the last places which my fat will leave from. Also, I tend to have "teardrop" looking pecs in that alot of the mass resides at the bottoms of my pecs rather than dispersed evenly. So it may look like i need to do more upperchest work, however, that is the only work I do. I don't do flat bench or flat DB bench EVER.

    Now I just need opinions as to what i do... Do i do light weight .. ie pushups and stuff for my chest just to prevent alot of atrophy, or do i simply lay off of it until the rest of my bodyparts catch up. OR do I keep hitting it just as hard and attempt to get some napalm to apply to my chest everyday to attempt to get the stubborn fat off it so It looks less like a boobie?

    Thanks guys

  2. Ps... don't be deceived by my avatar pic. It was a good pose and weird lighting AFTER working out my shoulders and stuff so it my look as if my chest is looking fine. That's not the case, especially now after losing alot of mass since i just got back from traveling europe.

  3. Its simple to me. Strive to have your body proportions equal. if your lagging bring them up. You'll always have better body parts than others and always will have lagging ones. Your strong body parts will always be your strong and your weak your weak. its up to you to do your best with what you have.

    I dated a girl ,three months ago, when we first met and got to know one another , she commented on my chest being bigger than hers. I took it as a compliment. I don't life wights for females. In fact , if I do get too big in the offseason and my face gets bloated, chicks may not respond to me as much as a ripped me, that's okay, even if they do turn their head, verses when I'm lean and mean they all put there head my way, my face isn't chiseled and model like and face on the face makes a totally different appearance because if that's what it takes to get my goals than so be it. With all this said, I believe you can still gain muscle without having to get overtly fat. Twenty percent is the very maximum and I mean the extreme I'll allow for myself.(I've never been there as of yet)
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