Numbness in Hand?

  1. Numbness in Hand?

    Alright got a question relating to possible injury, thought maybe someone out there has expereinced this before and can give me some insight.
    For the past 3 weeks I have been experincing complete numbness in my right hand (mainly at night but not always) which is also accompanied by some pain in my forearm area enough to wake me up multiple times thoughout the night. I noticed when I'm lifting, especially doing curls I get this pain in my forearm as soon as I release my grip from the barbell, but not during the lift when all of the weight is on my arms.
    I called my doctor and she said it might be carple tunnel syndrome, and reccommended me to get a carpel tunnel splint. I'm no doctor, but I just don't think that's the deal. Hoping maybe someone has expierenced similar symptoms and can help me out with this, cause it's really starting to get annoying especially when I'm trying to go big and have to limit my volume because of this f/@#$* pain! I'm on my 6th and final week of a T1-Pro cycle and have been making very impressive gains, and I REFUSE to quit now that Iv'e come so far, bout 15lbs far!
    Will be posting post cycle pics real soon......


  2. Actually she sounds right to me. Either that or you have a tendinitis problem starting

  3. So are either of those two curable? And if so bout' how long do you think it takes for recovery? Because about 4months ago I had just finished a 4week Mag10 cycle that I got solid gains on, but lost a lot of my gains when I severed the ligament on my middle finger (right hand). I would was totally pissed after spending all my effort and money just to lose all my gains. Now I'm recovered and it looks like I'll be in the same situation again!


  4. it is treatable.. you will need to get the brace and see if that helps.. if it doesn't then you need to head in a talk to your doctor so that she can lay out different treatments for it. Some of them might involve surgery but I would make them the last thing that you try.. Okay.. I just saw the severed ligatment on the middle finger comment.. it might be a build up of scar tissue on that..

  5. It happened to me... well, the curling part. It hurt my forearm everytime I released the damn bar but I figured out it was my form and I wanted to curl more than I could. What I did was to 1- take a break to heal, 2- drop the weight 3- control form and go slow on concentric part. I never felt any pain in my forearm since I did that.

  6. From the perceptive replies that I have gotten, I'll be willing to bet I am experiencing a combonation of two seperate problems. The first, pain in the forearm area. I had experienced this problem before my surgury and as "DoctorX2k2" stated it is probably from trying too hard and not allowing my body to heal before hitting the weights again. So "DoctorX2ks" can you tell me about how long of a break you took to help heal your problem? Just trying to get a rough idea about how long it'll take for me.
    And for my second issue I feel strongly that "Matthew D" you might be onto something. I remember that the rehabilitation nurses told me that I had to make sure and do all my exercizes and massages so that scar tissue wouldn't build up under my skin. If it did then they might have to go back in and cut the scar tissue away from the ligament. God I hope that's not the case, then once again I will have exhausted all of my efforts in vain. "For a second time"!!!
    Thanks to the both of you for your advise and info, I will more than likely just break down and go see my doctor and face the music.

  7. I took a 2 weeks break.


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