1. max-oVER tRAINING?

    Hello fellow lifters... I started AST's Max-OT program(the one listed on their website) a week ago. It calls for 5 workouts a week, less than 40min workouts, 2-3min rest between sets, 4-6 heavy reps, 2-3 sets each exercise, and 1-2 body parts a workout. The Intro program is all 5 weekdays on with weekends off. Do you guys think this is over training? I mean, take the 3rd week for instance, Monday you train legs and then Wednesday it calls for Dead lifts to train the back. My legs were still sore from the heavy 4-6 rep sets of Monday, how am I to do heavy dead lifts?! thanks

  2. It is only overtraining if you overtrain.

  3. Do top deads.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. right, i could do top deads... I guess I just want to get some critique on the Max-OT program in general.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by micjakson View Post
    right, i could do top deads... I guess I just want to get some critique on the Max-OT program in general.
    I give it a thumbs up, but it is not for a beginner. I would say you need at least 1 year of training and start it while on a bulk.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by jcp2 View Post
    It is only overtraining if you overtrain.

  7. Do some lightweight reps first, get the blood flowing. In my experience that reduces soreness to almost zero. Otherwise, grab some caffeine, it's a proven antisoreness drug.

    I do have my doubts about this programme to overtrain. I think it's not enough. I myself have been working out six times a week (once split up in three days a week, so you workout twice on trainingdays, and once on 6 consecutive days), and with my consecutive day scheme I didn't even eat plenty and still didn't get overtrained (strength increased). It's personal, I know, but I think it's nog enough. On my other six day scheme I ate plenty and strength increased nicely, but the greatest improvement came after.


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