Rotator cuff

  1. Rotator cuff

    I hope i'm in the right section seeing as i couldnt exactly find any thread that matched what i was looking for, so here i go.
    I've read and heard from a few friends that strengthening your rotator cuff can increase your bench dramatically. Is this true? If so are there any good exercises you recommend that arent dangerous in any way Last i would want is to fk up my rotator cuff and be done for a good 3 weeks

  2. Strengthening your rotator cuff can not only strengthen your pressing movements, but also helps to have a more healthy and stable AC joint in general. Besides those important benefits, why NOT strengthen your rotator cuff muscles? They are muscles that should be trained after all, and it can only benefit you to train them for injury prevention.

  3. It's helped me get my bench back to where it used to be before I effed up my shoulder. You can try keeping your arm down at your side, bend it at a 90 degree angle, and turn it away from your body, using either light dumbells or cables. After that do the opposite motion with your arm all the way out, then pull it back in.

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