I got this info from reading Dogg Crapps articles, so props to DC! So you start with standing calf raises, only the way you execute the lift is the difference. You start by getting under the bar/machine and un-rack the weight......push up to fully extend the muscle......next, take 10 seconds to lower the weight to the full bottom stretch position......then hold the stretched position for 10 seconds.....that is one rep.You push the weight back up and repeat, working your way to 10 reps. Let me tell you, it'll take everything you have to squeeze the reps out.

I modified it a bit by pushing the weight up....5 sec to lower.....5 sec stretch and repeat. When I can get an extra 2 reps off that weight, I'll add 2 seconds or push weight up....7 sec down....7 sec stretch ext.. I usually do 245lbs 2 sets 5 reps ( toes pointing in).....2x5x245 (toes out).
2x5x245 (toes straight) and thats my calf work out. I've only been using it for a few weeks and it seems I am making some progress........slow progress, but progress none the less. Try it it just may work for you.