Question For IA

  1. Question For IA

    IA, I saw over at animals board that you are running now, but I thought I read previously that running is too catabolic and can hinder muscle gains, so I was just wondering what your feelings on running is.

    Also, using your modified Westside routine, what kinda of diet/cardio would you implement with that you create a good fatloss cycle? I like running as well if that helps.

    Thanks for the info.

  2. Running (depening on how fast, and how long) can be extremely catabolic for LOTS of people. If you have problems gaining mass DON'T run unless your sport (if in any) demands it. I am running because at my stage of the game I am more interested in overall health than extreme size. I have been 270 before, and its just a lot of work and and my overall conditioning at extreme bodyweight for me was ****ty. I run 2-5 miles (usually 2-3) twice a week and pull a sled a couple time a week also.

    For fat loss on any kind of routine you want low intensity cardio at a level you can carry on a conversation while doing. This level is NOT catabolic for most people and works wonders for reducing bodyfat. I used to do keto diets, but now only do timed carb diets. if ultimate mass is your goal, you will leave the running alone.

    Iron Addict

  3. Thanks for the info IA, I know your a big proponent of getting 2g of protein per pound of bodyweight, but while cutting, if it's not feasable to get that much, and let's say your doing the timed carb diet, how detrementil is it going to be towards fat loss if you can only get about 1g of proeting per pound due to cost factors, and other logistical problems, while lifting 3 times a week and cardio 4 times a week

  4. The one gram while dieting and doing cardio would be one of the absolute WORST things you could do. GET THE PROTEIN YOU NEED OR GIVE UP! IT'S THAT IMPORTANT!


    Iron Addict

  5. What do you reccomend I do until my logistics allow me to get some protein ( I know how cheap it is for powder, but just trust me on this one, right now, it just can't happen)

    Would And Iso-Caloric diet be better until I can get the 2g of protein per pound of bodyweight? ( I do agree that 2g is necessary, but it isn't plausible)

    I really appreciate it IA, and as soon as my wallet allows I am going to use your services as a personal trainer.

    So what about your westside routine above, 4 days of walking, an iso-caloric diet, and maybe some targeted heart rate work on non-leg days.


  6. jdhz12181,

    If you have the money to do iso-caloric, which means you will be eating some solid food, you have the cash for powder and vegatable oil and milk, and as bad as this sounds, taking in 400 grams a day protein, with enough oil to add some cals and keep protein to fat ratios high enough to keep fat loss good, can be done in 4 100 gram servings, add a salad or two and you have a diet as cheap as it gets, that will strip body-fat NOW. It is close to a keto diet this way and you will need to supplement with vitamins and minerals (of course EVERYONE NEEDS to, so no news here) to keep nutrients up. You cann truly do a post workout carb replenishment with kool-aid, and if you cant afford kool-aid and sugar, your in dep ****! You can get EAS simply way from for 24 bucks for 5lbs with 5 buck shipping no matter how many tubs you buy.

    That was the best, cheapest way to do it given your circumstances. If you must, doing an ISO diet as you suggested is an alternative that will work just fine, but I just don't see the results in people getting 1 gram per lb. You way outstrip your bodies protein turnover needs and growth is slow or no!

    Iron Addict

  7. Ok, that makes great sense, thanks a lot IA, now a question, the milk, I thought milk was a no-no while dieiting because of the high sugar content on there. I think i can swing the Powder and I have a ton of olive oil, so a few salads plus lots of drinks, but just wondering about the millk, thanks a ton.

  8. If you are doing a pure keto die the milk is a no-no. However mixing the powder with milk and then taking oil with it will result in a TINY blood-sugar, thus insulin spike. Tis means fat loss will still be great. Mixing 8 oz of milk with a little water thrown in 4 x a day will give you a whopping whole 44 grams of carbs from milk. A little too high for pure keto, but I promise, you will NOT have enough carbs in you to satisfy energy demans and you will still be a fat burning machine.

    Iron Addict

  9. Excellent, thank you so much IA, I'll start doing 100g protein shake with Olive Oil and 8oz Skim Milk. 4 Times a day.

    Now for faster fat loss, would using water instead do it?

  10. Try not to get too agressive with the fat loss. If done right you will gain strenght the whole time and at least a little size. Done wrong you will be captain catabolic and will be frutrated all the way around as thyroid plumments making it even harder to drop weight, poundages stagnate, and overall frustration kicks in. You didn't get fat overnight, don't try to lose it overnigt.

    Iron Addict

  11. Sounds great, thanks again, I really do appreciate it, and I'll be in contact soon to get some personal training consulatiations.


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