AM lower back pain only?

  1. AM lower back pain only?

    Deadlifts last tuesday, 205 x failure x 6 no belt, i dont use belt often 300+ lifts... i have done 275 without belt no lower pain only upper.

    I was using almost an ATG deadlift form..... thighs parallel or better, ass tucked very low..........i was tired, but felt nothing.

    I have had back injuries before, they go away in a week or two.

    this feels different, no real pain through-out the day. Just very hard to get up after sleeping. Its definately lower back, once i get moving i am not scared to do anything.

    what gives? anyone ever have this kind of pain?

    I am going to go ahead and do my deads and squats this tuesday, maybe it will loosen it up.

    like i stated earlier, this is only early morning pain. then it "goes away". today seemed the worst, almost a week later. I dont get it?

  2. There are several things that could be happening. First of all, after you've waken up, you have to remember that you've been laying down for however many hours you sleep. So that's X hours you've been laying down, relatively immobile, and considering how your body slows down, including your muscles, some of what you're experiencing might have something to do with "cold" muscles. So perhaps as you get up and start moving around, "warming up" your muscles, you become less stiff, therefore you experience less pain.

    What you sleep on has a lot to do with quality of sleep and how you feel once you've waken up. I slept on a futon for months once, and trust me, once I bought a good bed, my lower back began to feel much better.

    So what you're experiencing could be a combination of the scenarios I just talked about, coupled with the fact that on the previous day, your workout included exercises designed to recruit the lower back muscles. There could be other things going on here, but those are the first two things that popped into my mind.

    Now if this is some type of sharp pain, there could be something else going on. Remember, any sharp pains associated with anything in bodybuilding require further investigation. So if you're experiencing something to this effect, I'd go ahead and seek medical advice, just to be on the safe side of things.

    Hope you get everything worked out and start feeling better soon. I know lower back pains are no fun at all. Take care and be safe, buddy!

  3. thanks for the response, yeah back pains are gone.

    I think i just pulled something and it was more noticeable when i was "cold".......

    thanks again for responding. reps.

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