Adkins Vs CKG

  1. Adkins Vs CKG

    Ok these diets are alomost the same but CKG allows carbs on the weekends. Whats the main purpose of this and can I also use the adkins and still increase/maintain muscle?

  2. Are you refering to CKD? if so check theres a lot of good info there. The best diet site out there.

  3. In all likelyhood atkins will result in sub-optimal muscle gains, as the insulin will be continuously suppressed. Atkins is good for fatloss though.

    The purpose of the keto diets WITH carbs is to get insulin spikes and nutrient loading that comes with it, which results in a very anabolic state inside the muscle cell. Insulin is very potent that way. There are reasons to believe that these diets also train the muscle to increase its glycogen storage capacity, which of course results in a larger muscle.

  4. I'm a mod there, BTW. The purpose of a CKD is a period of glycogen compensation. Fill glycogen stores enough to endure a week's worth of training. This diet WILL work, no doubt.

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