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  1. working out at home

    In the near future i will have to start working out at home w/o a partner. I thought I saw a thread around here on this, but my search revield nothing. Anyone have any advice on equipment? Of course money will be tight to start but I understand at first it will cost me. I can't afford huge pieces of equipment though.

  2. You can pick up a 300lbs olympic weight set and bar for around $130 at Sports Authority or Olympia. You can get a bench that you can do multiple things on for around $150 and up. That should get you off to a decent start for now.

  3. thanks, i guess what i am most concerned with is losing a partner/spotter.

  4. Hey bro, I am almost done with my home gym. At first, I picked up a descent bench from Dick's Sporting Goods; it was like $150 or so. The name was Powerhouse and it had all the basic things you need, just gotta build it; worked well. Now, I have a power cage w/ a lot of other things goin on with it, but that powerhouse type will give you your moneys worth. I tried to look for it online, but couldn't find it.

    I bought my dip station from Sears for like $100. I waited for a sale though, works good. As for Db's, I have yet to fulfill my need for all of them yet. I searched ocean to friggin ocean for someone who would give me a deal as I was expecting to buy a lot of hex's, but no good. So, I'm still adding to my library for those. They also sell db handles for olympic weights, but they cost like 70 $bucks or so.

    I bought a CAP BB set with a 7-foot olympic bar and 300lbs weight for $100 also from Dick's. They sell extra plates when you need them as well for a descent price, as does Sears.

    For when I do deads and things, I got some of that heavy-duty rubber truck matting and have it on the floor. I bought a couple cheap a$$ excercise mats for crunches. I gotta a cheap as$ EZ curl bar, umm....cost like $20. I looked in the paper for awhile and got lucky as **** and picked up a lat-station/cable station for another $100 bucks.

    And for your spotter, I came across a system that is called i think an EZ spotter, works well from what I hear, but never looked much into it. Here's a suggestion, change your workout routine to one rep shy of failure.

    Thats all I can think of for now. Just look around a lot in the classified ads, and try to get your equipment from major retailers, and you'll save some ca$h.

  5. I've never stepped foot in a gym in my life. I've always worked out at home and have done very well in my opinion. Jergo gives alot of good suggestions. Wether it be ebay or your local paper, you're bound to find a good deal. Many people buy equipment at the beginning of the year only to find they never use it and sell for cheap. I would also recommend looking at SAMS or COSTCO whole sale warehouse, if you have them in your area. Sometimes they carry some ok equip. I got a Nautilus 1/2 cage with high/low pullies and attachments....plate holders....bench...leg developer.....preacher curl.....ez bar.....45lb olympic bar....250lbs of weight for about $420 tax included at Costco.

  6. check this place out...

    they have some really great stuff for good prices...alot better than dicks in my opinion and the opinion of the sales guy in dicks that told me to go there...haha

    i bought this home gym at the beginning of this summer.. i loved it and i could barely find an exercise at the gym that i couldn't do...i am at college now and i miss it....

  7. thanks for the help! Alot of good advice here. What do you think about smith machines?


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