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    Alright fellas, need some advice as to how I go about busting a plateau on flat barbell bench press. This exercise has become the bane of my existence; here is the deal:

    I don't seem to be able to get past the 400 mark. No matter how I approach it, visualize it, whatever. I am STUCK. I have altered diet, taken time off, switched up exercises/routines, yet I continue to be under the thumb of the 400#.

    I continue to make steady, measureable progress in my other lifts (including other chest exercises), but this one won't budge. I can power the weight off my chest, and have no trouble locking out, the middle 1/3 of the motion is where I fail.

    I just started doing heavy negatives, have done floor presses, heavy CGBP: I have used Max-OT, Power Matrix, 5x5. Again, these work for every other lift, just not the bench press. Any other information you need, please ask. Thanks in advance for any help!
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  2. Use spotters and train only your sticking point, that 1/3 of the motion in the middle. Start low, train reps. Go heavy after a while. Pay the guys if you have to.

    Other than that, don't even touch the flat barbell exercise.

    Do this for an entire month.

  3. have you tried incorporating speed work?

  4. Tried Chains or bands?

  5. What’s your workout like? I find that working with sets of 10 can help you judge your 1rm on bench. If you can hit 315 for 10 you should be able to hit 405 for 1. basically every rep is another 9-10lbs on your 1rm so it your hitting 315 for 5 then your 1rm would be close to 360-365. Its different for some people but it generally works.

  6. Just A Suggestion.go Over To Your Squat Or Power Rack And Put A Bench In It. Take The Locking Pins On Both Sides And Put Them In Where Your Sticking Point Is At. Lie On The Bench And Do 3 Or 4 Sets Of Heavy Lockouts. Use A Weight You Can Only Get About Six Reps With. 5 Or 6 Workouts W/ This And Youll Bust 400!

  7. All of those are all good ideas but belive this do a 100 pushups a day and add on and that bench will go up.
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    Push ups every day are great GPP.

  9. dumbbell incline, flat, and decline chest presses always seems to help my bench go up

  10. Quote Originally Posted by TEH253 View Post
    dumbbell incline, flat, and decline chest presses always seems to help my bench go up
    can't believe i forgot incline, decline, and flat close grip bench press also

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