1. deadlift

    can ayone help me i need a workout to deadlift 700. i lift over 500 now but i any struck please help

  2. well, rack deads will help with the lockout/grip.

    elevated deads will help with the takeoff. you'll have to lower your weight for this one bigtime. that'll give you the initiative to make it catch up to what you do regular-style. then, when you go to hit it regular, you'll pull more. at least i did. man, i haven't done deads in a while.

  3. I did elevated to get past 500, worked well but wasn't fun at all.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by powersquat 23 View Post
    i lift over 500
    Is that straps? or without.

    Something that helps me progress is working on grip strength.

    Or changing grip period.

    I normally use palm facing grip when doing reps. If i want to go for closer to my max ill use alternate grip. And if i want to max out ill use straps.

    I also dont use a belt. If i can't keep form, with my core muscles solid i wont lift it. That will help for sure strengthening your core, i sound like an infomercial.

    I wouldn't recomend most people to not use gear, like a belt etc. but i've found it works for me. When i use a belt i feel it sets me up for using to much weight, or sacrificing form.

  5. you guys really helped me with some great info that i will try. i will elevate with lower weight. this is 500 without straps.



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