**** My Pants!

  1. **** My Pants!

    Had one hella va' workout this morning. Intense like a mother****er! I was pushing it so hard on my last few sets I thought I was going to **** my pants! I believe the T-1PRO has officialy entered the building!!!

    For those sick ****s who were wondering.......No I didn't **** my pants

  2. whats wrong with shtting your pants--ive done it before--once drunk at a party and once on a kickoff playing flag football while i was running

  3. Youv'e got to be "****ting me"!
    No pun intened

  4. Originally posted by spike1205
    once on a kickoff playing flag football while i was running
    betcha didnt have any trouble scoring points after that one...

  5. i had some extra socks in my bag--took my boxer briefs off, wiped with socks got back in the game

  6. I would have used the towels to wipe with and I guarantee you would have scored every time you had the ball.


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