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  1. I have hard time to go above the maintenance level while bulking so this shouldnt too much of a hassle. I started this morning and I'm really psyched about going through this. If I lose too much weight as weeks go by, should I be scared that it is muscle? I mean, should I lose 2lbs a week or does it matter?

  2. Well at first you're going to lose a lot of water, unless you go crazy on the cold cuts... And losing the carbs inside your muscles makes them look a little flat, which will probably make you think like "YIKES! At this rate, I'm going to look like a 12-year-old in a month!" And it's wrong.

    You will retain all your strength. And grow more as it goes on of course. Don't TRY to lose this or that much a week. It's not important for you. Your goal is to grow stronger and of course the incredible stamina that you will have by week 4 or 5 on this. Earlier, maybe.

    Still, I encourage you to enter your foods in a diary just to see how you're doing. Drop it after a couple of weeks if you want to, when you've got a feel of how much food is how many calories.

    You'll lose the fat no matter what. Don't TRY. Just train for your goals. By christmas you'll be trying to eat pounds of ice cream and huge amounts of pizza to keep your bodyweight up, you'll be so ripped.

  3. Thanks a ton for all these valuable advices... I really appreciate it.

  4. Luna, I have one more question for you!

    I just had a VO2max test in my gym class and it was pretty bad... worse I ever had. On the Canadian chart, Im rated 5 on 100 ?!??!? I did it last year and I was rated 80 on 100. 50 being the average. is it Keto related?

  5. Huh what do you mean DoctorX2k2?
    When did you start it?

    At first, energy is difficult to get when you start a keto... Of course it's keto related, but that is just a transitional phase you're going through. It's hard but it's worth it.

    OK here is what I'd like you to do... Post a DIARY of your keto experiment here. Start a thread and call it "my keto experiment" somewhere on the board. Me and other ketoers will coach you from there.

    That way, you'll get the best advice and we'll know EXACTLY where you're coming from.

  6. Alright I'll make a thread in the Nutrition forum


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