1. bench

    if you hit a plateu in your flat bench what are ways to overcome it? right now i'm trying inside flat bench (hands very close) and then very wide bench presses. trying to vary things. My normal is 5 sets consisting of of these reps 10/10/8/6/4

    looking on ways you guys have found to bust through a plateu.

    thx guys

  2. here are a few
    1. add 5lbs a week to your bench a week. If you're benching 250 the next week go to 255, then to 260 the wek after.
    2. stop with the 10/8/6/4. Pick a weight you are going to do with 3 to 5 sets and stick with that weight.
    3. Don't burn your self out warming up. Do 4 to six warm up sets with out going over 5 reps each. So if you bench 250lbs , do 135 for 5, 155 for 5, 185 for 3, 200 for 3, 225 for 1, then go to 250 and do it as many times as you can. Give your self a few minutes rest between you last warm up set and your first work set.
    4. Lift the weight as explosive as you can on both the concentrick and eccentric portions.

    Read dave tates article on benching 600 lbs and the 1 to 6 princable by poliquin is good too.

  3. and how often you hitting chest? A lot....A LOT of dudes overtrain their chest and hampers growth in strength and size. Something to consider as well

  4. If you have been doing the same routine for a long time then your body has just become comfortable with it and you haven't forced it to adapt to anything new. Like VG said, change your rep scheme. Try heavy doubles and singles for a while or five sets of five. I broke through a plateau that lasted for ten weeks just doing singles and trying to increase 2 1/2 to five lbs every workout. It didn't help that my diet went to **** but that isn't relevant here. Let us know how it works.

  5. Originally posted by Trapark666
    It didn't help that my diet went to **** but that isn't relevant here.
    WENT TO? When wasn't it ****?

    OT...I used the power matrix and max-ot, and found my lifts increased consistently (i.e. every week for 6 weeks without fail), and it helped me with that plateau, and also taught me a lot about overtraining (went from twice a week per bodypart to once).
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  6. I found that switching the order of your routine could be that quick fix youíre looking for. Instead of doing flat bench 1st on chest day, do it last. If you want to keep it 1st then reverse the order. Go heavy to light. Or try super setting something with it involving chest or triís.


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