Heartfelt 'thankyou' to IA and DC

  1. Thumbs up Heartfelt 'thankyou' to IA and DC

    I've been working a combo of IA and DC's training styles over the past 5 weeks and have seen tremendous gains for a hardgainer...

    I'm now heavier than I ever was and stronger than I ever was (including stronger than during my last fina cycle)

    the slow slow negative reps and explosive positive on all my exercises have yielded exceptional results

    I was saying that I wouldn't go on the juice again until I made back the gains naturally that I made on fina/4-ad cyp.... and I even peaked past that weight at times...

    I started fina/syno cycle last wednesday, but even before then my strength had been going up and now its going up like mad

    for the past 3 weeks on my flat bench i've put 5lbs on the bar and made the same amount of reps (or more) than the week before... and now this next week I will be adding 10lbs since my reps went up way high... (17 reps, then 18reps +5lbs, then 21 reps +5lbs)... getting kinda crazy lol... other exercises are experiencing similar results... like squats, shoulder presses, and rows...
    (on rest pause sets btw)

    i'm not as big as i thought i would be at 173lbs but i'm ecstatic that i've busted through a plateau that I've been sitting at since the beginning of the year... been sitting at 155-160lbs for a LONG time... 173lbs coming from a very frail small-boned 135lbs is quite an achievement to me and I feel I owe most of it to IA and DC for all their knowledge that they never directed towards me in particular but made publicly available for my consumption
    i want 195lbs dammit... then 200lbs naturally gonna get there now i can feel it

    thanks guys!

  2. You mean someone actually reads my posts?!?!?!?!? I figured most of the stuff I write is summarily dissmissed and long winded and repetitive ranting (very percerptive readers out there--lol.

    Thanks for the props. Greatly appreicated

    Iron Addict

  3. IA: I read your posts, both here and at gaining-mass.com and I find them very educational and useful. Thanks for all the hard work.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  4. I would also like to throw in a big thank you to IA. You're the first person that opened my eyes to lowering the volume, before when i didnt get the results i wanted i just kept raising it. You finally knocked some sense into me. Im currently cutting and with the reduced volume seem to be holding on and perhaps even gaining muscle and my strength is increasing as well.

  5. Bump this. Thanks alot, IA and DC, both your guy's commitment to the sport and helping helping people is impressive. Your training ideas have changed mine and really helped, thanks.

  6. Another thanks to IA and DC! I've recently incorperated some of their principles and came up with my own version of their training. I've lowered the volume......made it a point to always try to increase weight...and added rest pause. I've been seeing good gains (in the mirror). I've also upped my protein to 2gr per lb of body weight, which has really seemed to help. Recently tried box squats and loved'em, Thanks IA. I like their keep it simple attitude about training, much props guys!

  7. I wish I had read your 'training manual' when I first started training would have saved me about 2.5 years of minimal gains before I chanced upon effective low volume training which I have now studied up on.
    On another board I saw someone post that your training manual had changed the way the thought about training, there's a lot of lurkers on boards who just read and never post so I'm sure your message is getting out there to people.

  8. just as an update, i added 10lbs to the bench AGAIN the next week; and i'll be doing it AGAIN on my next flat bench workout, maybe 15, depends on how inclines go today...

    so i've added 30lbs on my bench in the past 2 weeks... and the fina hasn't even kicked in yet... this is from a relatively low dose of test prop... <600mg/wk


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