Sldl Vs. Rdl

  1. Sldl Vs. Rdl

    Alright guys I have watched what seems like a thousand, and one vidoes on youtube. I dont understand the difference in the stiff leg deadlift, and the Romanian deadlift. They both look exactly the same to me. Back flat, knees slightly bent, hips, and kinda back, bar close to the body. The only difference I can find is some people on RDL's dont let the bar touch the ground, just to about mid shin. What is the differences in this two exercises. Thank you for any response. MArk

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  3. I guess no one deadlifts anymore.

  4. RDL is supposed to keep the bar in contact with your legs. As where the SLDL, it just needs to stay close for the sake of form. Keeping it touching your legs as it goes up and down is supposed to help keep your hips back further and take stress off of your lower back.

  5. I am definately curious as well. Otherwise I reckon I'll just stick to SLDL.
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  6. To my knowledge,sldl are done with minimal bending of the knees,not bending any further when bringing the weight down. Imo it focuses on a deep stretching of the hams, and hitting the lower back better. Whereas when doing rdl you bend the knees when you bring the weight down more almost as if you were doing a squat thus it (imo) hits more legs. I guess it all comes down to how you were taught in ur gym, everyone has their own variation but see what works best for you.

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    There were other articles out there, but I cant seem to find them.

  8. Thanks for the post. I have always done sldl routines. When I get done with a meet, I normally do a 10 week sldl routine. Then go back to pulling conventional, and my dead lift has always went up. Mark


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