I Hit A Plateu

  1. I Hit A Plateu

    what should i took to get through this.

  2. You should take :
    A closer look at your diet
    New Training Routine
    A week or so off if you have been training hard
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  3. ya i have been training hard maybe i should take a break and my diet is pretty much in check my routine might need some tweaking because i am following my track routine as a thrower i am thinking that i might want to eat a little more though but summer is comeing up and i dont want that extra fat.

  4. As long as you keep the calories clean at 16 years old you shouldn't have to worry to much about gaining a lot of fat. Doing some cardio will also help shift your body composition in a favorable manor. Also I dont know how your track routine is set up, but if you are a thrower check out plyometric training, which will help with explosive strength. Finally do you do deadlifts at all?
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  5. ya we do lots of plyometric we pull a sled with weight, we do this thing were someone runs in front of you and its a bungee and whats there is enough tension you run and it pulls you faster then normal called over training we also run with parachutes and other things.

    how many calories should i aim for i think i should get and updated pic.

    and ya i like to do cardio so eat clean but lots ?
    how much cardio?
    how many calories?

  6. Use the diet tracker on here and figure out what you average daily, then add 500 calories to start and see if that helps, Post your macronutrients for two weekdays and one weekend day in this thread next week and I will offer my advice to you.
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  7. Breaking through plateaus can be a difficult thing to do. Usually bodybuilders will try several methods to break through these. Of course you can always check your diet and adjust it accordingly for whatever reason you need, or adjust your overall workout routine, get more rest, and so on, but those (important things) aside, there are various intensity techniques you can look into if you feel your diet and current workout regimen is appropriate.

    Some of the most popular intensity techniques out there include:

    1.) Priority Principle - Essentially it means working your weakest muscle group first, or in this case, whatever aspect of your training you are stuck on. Also, hitting your weak spots hard after your rest days can prove useful when you're all rested up and ready to go at full force.

    2.) Supersets/Trisets - Two or three exercises performed in a row. This technique requires more effort and energy, but the payout is that you decrease workout time, increase muscular endurance, and you can work opposing muscle groups back to back (chest then back, biceps then triceps, ect.) to really stretch those muscles out. There are some obvious drawbacks though, such as slightly decreased intensity for the second and/or third exercises.

    3.) Pre-exhausting Technique - This technique involves pre-exhausting a certain muscle group before you work another. For instance, when you do bench presses, you're most heavily recruiting from your pectoral muscles, but you're also recruiting your deltoids and triceps to a great extent. By pre-exhausting the assisting muscle groups (such as doing a deltoid or triceps exercise right before your bench press), you're taking those supporting groups further out of the equation, allowing your primary target muscle group (the pectorals in this example) to do the bulk of the work without getting too much help from the other muscles.

    4.) Weight Stripping - I'm sure you've seen this being done. It's where you start a set with however much weight on the bar, and as you go along in the set, as your muscles get tired, your training partner strips some of the weight off of the bar, which allows you to keep going. You see this a lot with biceps exercises, but it can be applied to anything that allows you to do it.

    5.) Ballistic Training - This involves explosive effort while remaining smooth and in control of the weight being driven. This method of training creates variable resistance and is great if you're wanting to increase intensity. I just wrote out a pretty detailed description of ballistic training, so you can search for that if you want.

    Those are just a few of the more popular intensity techniques you can try or read up on. If you have any more questions about any of these techniques, feel free to ask, or go looking around yourself for more info, because there's plenty of information about all of these techniques floating around on the net.

    Good luck with your training! Hope that was of some help to you!


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