Anyone squat twice a week??

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    I've never tried front squats, though I see some guys doing them in the gym. What are the benefits of those, and what are some pointers for a newbie to them?
    Front Squats concentrate on your quads with less impact on your knees because your body stays in a more upright position.

    The hardest part of the front squat is getting used to the bar across your shoulders. It takes a long time to get used especially when you start adding real weight.

    There are 2 grips you can take. One grip is the clean grip where you grip it like a clean before you unrack. The other is an arms cross grip which I'm not sure why people do, you'll have to ask someone who does them that way.

    Personally I get more depth on front squats than I do with back squats but I can only use a powerlifting stance with back squats.

    Just remember that since front squats concentrate mainly on your quads you'll probably lift significantly less weight or at least I do.

    I'm 177lbs

    back squat = 345

    front squat = 245

  2. Thanks for the pointers. I'll definitely start out with light weight (or the railed/assisted bb) to get the form down. Yeah, most guys I see doing them use the arms cross grip...

    I believe that so far the most I've done with back squat is 235...

    I'm 6'2, ~195 (finally... couldn't break 190 till i started doing legs!)


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