Anyone ever cycle weights vs. bodyweight training?

  1. Anyone ever cycle weights vs. bodyweight training?

    I've been more so geared towards strength training for the past 9 weeks and have made pleasant progress in terms of size/strength. As always though, good things come to an end at some point. Progress is beginning to stagnate and my joints have taken a nice pounding.

    I am thinking about doing a cycle of pure bodyweight training. I have used this program before, but on a calorie restricted diet (military college). Endurance went through the roof, but I cannot comment on vascularity/muscle gains because of my lack of proper diet during that time.

    My question is, have any of you done a cycle of bodyweight training? If so, what were your results? Did you immediately begin losing muscle mass and strength or did you maintain/improve compared to where you were when you were using weights?

  2. Here is the program I will be using:

    It is obviously not what the SEALs really use, but like i said previously, it was very effective for me in terms of endurance.

    The program is performed in a cycle. You immediately go from pushups, to situps, to pullups, to bodyweight squats (I am incorporating this as there is a lack of exercise for legs), then repeat.

    I do not have access to a pool as well, so swimming is out even though it is an amazing cardio workout.

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