Ham raises...

  1. Ham raises...

    Does anybody do ham raises? If so do they work? They look painful, but my hams are lagging and I need to make them grow.

  2. W00t, y00 thinking of raising pigs?

  3. I assume you are talking about glute/ham raises. They are EXTREMELY effective and work the ham group at both the knee and hip attachment unlike many other ham moves. They are a very humbling move and I have had some fairly strong bodybuilders be able to do only 2-3 when starting.

    When I got into westside I immediately built a reverse hyper using my power rack as a platform. Then I searched for a way to do glute/ham raises. The answer was actually quite simple. I have a couch that is actually pretty expensive and it is a simple matter to slide my feet all the way back into the portion where the backrest meets the bottom of the portion you sit in therby locking your feet in putting you in the same posistion as a real glute/ham machine, with a comfy rest for your knees. All I can say is my first attempt at them was a humbling experience. At the time I was stiff legged deadlifting 385 for 12 and could BARELY manage 6 reps of glute/hams. All you home gym junkies might give this a shot if your couch works for this (not all will). If you don't mind your knees getting beat up some you can just kneel and have someone hold your feet while you perform the movement.

    Here is a link to a pic an description.


    Iron Addict

  4. I love these although I do the kneeling version. Hard as hell.

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