Rack and Box Squats

  1. Rack and Box Squats

    Rack and Box Squats

    For all you guys out there with knee problems, or guys that just can't seem to peg how deep to squat, or keep shortening the range when you start to fatigue, rack squats my help a ton. As I um....age, my knees are truly not what they used to be, and lately full range ass to the floor squats are just counterproductive for me. What allows me, and many in my situation to squat relatively pain free is squatting in the rack with the bars set about 1 inch above parralell. Yes, this would be a bad idea for a powerlifter, but if you are bodybuilding really won't hurt a thing. One inch above parallel is still WAY deeper than most people squat, and with the pins you KNOW for a fact (same with a box squat) that every rep is the same depth. This is making a world of difference to my knees, and since each rep is taken to the bars, they are preformed SLOWLY and deliberatively, no bouncing, no ballistic reps. If any of the above conditions sound like your situation give them a try. All this applies equally to the use of a box also. And if your gym has boxes, or even a padded bench that is the right height, boxes or bench squats ala Louis Simmons are even easier on the knees if you learn to sit BACK when descending.

    Iron Addict

  2. I've been doing box squats for the past month and they make a world of difference. I was going all the way down on my squats but I was using bad form. With a box, you know you're not going to fall over so you can do it properly. In the past, I was feeling the fatigue more in my back than in my legs. Now, my legs are fried after doing squats.

    I use a padded bench and I barely touch it, but if I'm almost to failure, I'll sit down for a split second before going back up. In my opinion, this is better than doing regular squats and not getting out those last few reps for fear of not being able to push back up.

    I also find it easier on the knees.

  3. Well stated MadChild, box squats do tend to make it more of a hip/leg movement than a back lift. I do hope you have competent spotting if you are not doing them in a power rack though.

    Iron Addict

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