I am running a modified HST-type program with some outside principles involved. I do not do 15's only 10's and 5's and I have applied one rest pause set per upper body workout day. So in any given week I will do 3 rest pause sets for different body parts. For example, I would rest pause on chest monday, back wednesday and shoulders friday. I do legs seperate on tuesdays and thursdays (with more volume). I feel as if my upper body lifts suffer if I do legs with intensity (finish with 20 reppers). It just takes way too much out of me. I also finish up with extreme stretching. An example:
BB Bench 1x10 then a Rest-Pause set
Bent over BB Rows 2x10
Front DB shoulder press 2x10
Weighted Wide-grip pullups 2x10
Skullcrushers 2x10
Straight-bar curls 2x10
BB Back squat 3x10
Leg press 3x10
20 rep squat to finish
Incline DB press 2x10
Hammer STR Rows (close grip) 1x10 RP 1x10+
3-way should raise tri-set 2x10x3
Reverse grip lat pulls 2x10
Close-grip bp 2x10
Hammer curls 2x10
Front squat 3x10
Squat Press 3x10
20 rep finish
Incline Smythe press 2x10
Cable rows 2x10
DB Shoulder press 1x10 RP 1x10+
WG Pull-up 2x10
Skull-crushers 2x10
Hammer curls 2x10

abs/calves thrown in whenever..