My Main Lift is down!

  1. My Main Lift is down!

    My Main Lift is down!

    Here is an all too common problem, and a solution for many people. Most lifters put their big, most important lifts first in their routines so they can push with maximal effort and thus make maximal gains on this most important of lifts. For chest day it usually bench, back day pull-ups or rows, leg day squats. You know, itís probably how you do it yourself.
    Itís also all too common for this lift to stall first before everything else and it just doesnít make sense because after bench your incline dumbbell presses are up, and after pull-ups you rows are up. So whatís the deal? Well it could be that you are doing too much accessory work, or not training your weak links for the lift in question properly. It could also be that you, like LOTS of trainees are doing way too low of reps, or that you NEVER change any of the parameters of the movement and thus are just plain stuck. These are all very real possibilities. Without going into each of these Iíll tell you what else it may be, and offer a solution that will work for some of you.

    For many of you itís just that your CNS has not been primed to fire properly. Remember, itís your mind that sets the whole thing in motion and itís done via the mind sending the signal to ďfireĒ to the nerves in the muscle that contract. Without being able to send a maximal signal to contract you are dead in the water so to speak. So how to prime the CNS to contract maximally? Well the easiest and perhaps best way is to put a load on it, by that I mean doing a couple heavy sets. Only problem is if you want to put the brunt of your focus on bench when training chest, and you do incline bench or dips or another chest movement before bench your bench will be down and you are back to square one. Well here is a way around that. Do a totally unrelated lift first such as HEAVY ab work, or calf work, or something TOTALLY unrelated to the problem lift in question. This allows one to ďfireĒ extremely well without impacting the primary lift. By the way this is generally NOT an issue with the big full body lifts because by the time warm-ups are completed CNS is pretty ďwarmĒ if you move mid-level or above poundageís.

    This isnít a cure-all for the problem, but I know from experience it will help a lot of people.

    Iron Addict

  2. This is very interesting. Now what are you suggesting is the best way to apply this? Say on chest day, should one do some heavy calf raises right before bench, or bench then calf raises and then the next movement that suffers from doing bench first? I want to try and apply this but im a little confused. Great post.

  3. Very good read....

    I wonder how much effect on the neuro-firing a typical cardio warmup has

  4. TMack40,

    It is ONLY used if your first lift of the day is stalling, which is typically the one most people place the most importance on. Again, it is only for the first lift, and ONLY if the first lift is stalled and the subsequent ones are doing OK. If all lifts are stuck you other problems altogether.

    Iron Addict

  5. Ok thats what i thought but I wasnt sure if I read it right. Im going to give this a go next chest day. Thanks for the info bro, really appreciate it.



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