Hats off to 2Scoot

  1. Hats off to 2Scoot

    I have a personal training client I would like to take a moment to congratulate on extreme progress, extreme desire, and flawless execution. He doesn't post much, and goes by the handle of 2Scoot over on Animals board http://www.animalkits.be/phpBB/viewf...forum=11&4541. The guy is a maniac in the gym, and is getting ready to enter his first strongman event. The event consists of:

    The events are as follows:
    1. Tire flip (650 lb) - 50' for time
    2. Farmers walk - 400 lbs for 75' for time
    3. Overhead presses- as many reps as possible in 90 seconds with 200 lbs.
    4. Truck pull - 100' for time
    5. Atlas balls - 5 balls for time

    All of these events take extreme levels of not only strenght, but conditioning. And he has both as witnesed by is recent 475 for 20 rep squat PR. Most guys that even have the strenght don't have the conditioning level to pull that off. Lets all wish him the best in the coming event.

    Iron Addict

  2. Great to hear someone making such great progress. Bump for 2Scoot I wish him well in his competition.

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