Ques-tion....why is it every time I turn on da radio...

  1. Ques-tion....why is it every time I turn on da radio...

    But seriously, I got some philosophical that'll go through your topicals and jiggle them neuron microscopicals and make you think so hard you'll end up at the hospital....with a busted vessel in ya brain. Yeah....it's possible.

    But I was wondering if anyone knew where to find good reads on muscle memory. Not in the sense of re-building, but in the sense of why they adapt to exercises/routines, rendering them unproductive for the most part. I haven't read much on this. I have just gone with the social norm of switching up all the time, but now, I'd like to know the details on why, and maybe even learn about switches that'll make for optimal growth. Can we spark some correspondence, y'all?

  2. I mean, I know about the basic switches from strength to size routines. And I know about pyramids and the like. I know about some things, but I was hoping to really get in depth. I have access to getting books now for free. Anyone know of any good muscle science titles? I'm gonna read my book I have now "The Anabolic Solution for Bodybuilders" and "Serious Strength Training". Both heavily involve Mauro Di Pasquale's input. Is this a good start, you think?

  3. damn, y'all. ain't even given me any kind of congrats on m' freestyle, let alone some knowledge on that muscle memory. it is a hard question, though.

  4. seriously, the combo of your freestyle and your avi are priceless.

    As for neural adaptation, I believe that it mostly comes down to efficiency. Say you run a mile every day. After a couple days/weeks/whatever, it takes much less effort to run that mile. Now, at first your body was physically AND neurologically adapting, but since you didn't add distance as you adapted, your physical adaptation ceased, and your nervous system took over and just started becoming more and more efficient at running.

    Now with lifting, your nervous system can become SO efficient at a particular movement that you don't need as much muscle to move a given weight, at which point your body decreases muscle mass until homeostasis is reached. Adding weight to the movement can slow the process, but your CNS just adapts WAY faster than you can build muscle,s so the best thing to do to build muscle is to keep the CNS guessing by switching movements often. You end up training the same muscle, but the CNS can't keep up and get too efficient at each movement to slow growth.
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