Lifters unite! IRC channel.

  1. Lifters unite! IRC channel.

    An IRC channel has been created on Its purpose is to bring lifters from various boards together in one place. It's been up a short time, and is growing. We've got powerlifters, bodybuilders, and more...

    The channel is #lifting. If you don't have or don't know how to use IRC, you can find out here.

  2. Bump on that, if you're having trouble connecting, visit and click on one of the links on the top (the servers). mIRC will open automatically and connect to the server.

  3. If you have mIRC installed then you can connect to the server by just clicking on these links.

    irc:// <=Europe
    irc:// <=US
    irc:// <=Canada
    irc:// <=Asia
    irc:// <=Australia

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