Side Delts with DC

  1. Side Delts with DC

    I have been doing DC training, and think that im not hitting my side delts enough.
    Right now, Ive added side delt work (Lateral Raise Cybex machine/dumbell laterals/WG Upright Row depending on the day) to Bis/Legs day, but this probably is not good as im hitting shoulders in some way every other day.
    I watched a youtube video of Jason Wojo doing a DC and he said he added a set of dumbell laterals to his Chest/Shoulders/Tris day after doing dumbell overhead press.

    Which is better to do, or does anyone have better ideas?

    EDIT: I was also wondering if anyone has tried doing a 2on -> 1off workout scheme, so i would get 4 or 5 days a week in the gym. I have the time, or at least i will over the summer, which isn't too far off, and want to know if this will work.

  2. It is defintely better to do on on the same day but, make sure you keep it a straight set. Meaning just 1 set of 12-15 quality reps. As for the training scheme the 4times a week is for the more advanced that know their bodies more or for those who are using AAS in which enhances recovery time. So i would not think you would need to do that. I can barely do the 3 times a week because Im sore as hell all the time.

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